3 Ways to Enjoy this Christmas Holidays With Your Child

3 Ways This Christmas Holidays Can Be A Week of Both Joy and Learning For Your Child

Festivals bring with them smiles, laughter, good food and most importantly an abundance of unabated joy, that, otherwise, eludes us in the mundane. Christmas, through the years, has meant ‘holiday-fun’ for kids. As kids, all of us have been through that ‘holiday-feeling’ where fun meant no homework.

This Christmas, the onus is on the parents to make sure children put the time to good use. Here’s how you can make the holidays fun as well as a time of learning.

Take your child to a museum or a place of historic significance:kids in museum

India has no dearth of museums or places of historic and scientific significance. Taking your child to one such place will serve as an excursion and might generate a curiosity that might last long into their lives.

Also, these trips are the perfect time to pass on wisdom to kids, without being preachy. A light-hearted conversation can also ease the stress of year-long work pressures and send the child a subtle message that parents don’t always talk of marks and homework.

Buy your child a book:kids and books-zedua

As they, books can be the best of friends. Even when they aren’t physically with you, they manage to guide you and intrigue you. What better way to tell your kid that reading is not demanding or boring than buying a book of interesting stories or fun facts and read to them when you can!

You would be gifting them a friend for life. If the child takes a keen interest in reading, you can be assured that they will make it a habit for life. That surely is good news.

Teach them how cooking can be an enjoyable activity:kids cooking-zedua

We’ve all grown up relishing delicious home-cooked food. Mother’s’ recipes have made most of our days joyous. This Christmas, as you cook for your child, wouldn’t it be great to teach your child the basics of kitchen routines?

With this, the child can learn to be independent and develop an interest in cooking at a young age. At the same time, you can gift your child fond memories with parents, memories that last a lifetime!

Hoping this Christmas brings joy, happiness and bliss!

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