Exam Fever and Nutrition, Brain-Boosting Food to Keep the Exam-Fever at Bay

Exam is a word that can cause both students and parents to panic. The stress caused by expectations, demanding study routines, and its physical ramifications need to be handled with planning and care. Thus, focusing on brain-boosting food is of optimum importance. Sleep routines, healthy food intake and a well-planned study timetable can boost memory, concentration levels and keep the ill effects of stress at bay.

 Here are  healthy foods to eat that can have a positive impact on learning abilities.


This fruit, known for its innumerable health benefits, is among the best brain food for studying. Rich in Vitamin K and folate, Avocados boost memory and focus. This popular fruit is also rich in Vitamin B and C, providing further impetus to its memory-boosting properties. They also improve cognitive functioning, while the low sugar and high protein content make it ideal for both children and adults. Avocados are memory-boosting food indeed!

Leafy Green Vegetables

green leafy vegetables



If you’re looking for food to improve memory for exams, leafy vegetables is surely a must-have. Owing to the presence of Vitamin B, greens can help children achieve greater memory levels and heightened focus during exams. They also contain folic acid, which allows for improved coherence. 

Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish - Brain-Boosting Foods

Fatty fish is consumed across the world and is an integral part of any list of brain food. This is the most popular source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are pivotal to brain health. Found in salmon, trout and sardines, these fatty acids enhance memory by protecting hippocampus, which is the chief memory processing area of the brain. This property makes it the perfect brain food for exams. 



Blueberries - brain-boosting foods

Blueberries can be that pre-exam brain-boosting food for memory, with almost immediate results. The antioxidant-rich flowering plant is known to have an enhancing impact on short-term memory by stimulating the regeneration of neurons. A smoothie with blueberries might help your child remember that one answer.  One answer that can make a difference!

Dark Chocolate

 Dark Chocolate - brain-boosting foods

Caffeine, in small amounts, can increase alertness. This is precisely why, a small dose of dark chocolate will help, if your child is studying late into the night. It can also help boost their energy levels before an exam, making it the best brain food for exams. The presence of magnesium in dark chocolate acts as a deterrent against stress and also lowers the blood pressure.


eggs for health

Eggs are your go-to ingredient to give your kids during the exam time. Eggs are a god source of Vitamin B with Vitamin B and Vitamin 12 abundance. In addition to that, Choline a super nutrient present in eggs help boost the brain power having good effects on mood and memory. Choline is present in the egg yolk so make sure you don’t discard it.



This vegetable famous as the most hated by the kids is actually a super food for the brain. Broccoli provides vitamin K which is helpful in keeping the brain healthy increase the cognitive function of the brain. It also contains the necessary antioxidants that have a good effect on the brain functions.

These and many more brain-boosting foods including Green tea, Beets, Black Beans, Pumpkin seeds and many others can be part of your child’s brain food for studying diet. Alongside food, taking adequate care about the time of food consumption and sleep schedule can increase the chances of your child, not just faring well, but acing the exams.


Zedua wishes all the students and parents, a stress-free, healthy and successful exam-time!


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