Confused Figuring Out How To Raise A Teenager? Try These

Adolescence is the period in life between the ages of 12- 19 or in more common words, the teenage phase. This phase of life is a rather important one as it is in this period that a person undergoes several changes in all aspects such as physical, mental, and emotional. It is a transition phase from childhood to adulthood and 80% of child’s personality takes shape during adolescence. A sense of independent thinking is brought about during this period which makes adolescents or teenagers find ways to express their new, upcoming individuality.

Most often, this is mistaken for rebelliousness thereby branding most teenagers as rebellious, confused and out-of-hand individuals. Teenagers are also subjected to a lot of peer pressures from their circle of friends which cause a change in behaviour. Often, they receive pressures even from other social interactions such as relatives, neighbours, and parents too and are expected to be in a certain way which might not appeal to them or which they might find hard to meet. Raising a teenager is a tricky task but we can master it by understanding the teenager and guiding them in a proper way.

The adolescent phase of life is the time when a person requires maximum nurturing, care, concern and unbiased understanding. Parents who regularly interact and talk to their teenage children generally face less trouble in understanding the needs of their children and will be good at parenting a teenager. It is important to thoroughly understand teenage children as this phase determines important aspects in an individual’s personality such as self-confidence, social skills and good mental health. Understanding teenagers bring about positivity in both the parent’s and the teen’s lives. Here are few parenting tips to understand and raise adolescents.

     1. Have a talk with your teenager

Have a talk with them on a regular basis to listen to their side of things. All parents generally talk to their children but it is also important to make sure that the conversation is two way rather than parents doing most of the talking. It is indeed important for parents to provide guidance to a teenager but it’s not the proper way to raise the teenager unless if the concern and thoughts of the teen aren’t kept in mind while guiding.

2. Encourage their individuality 

Encourage their individuality and their ability to stand out from other. Each child is unique and has talents and strengths which differ from others. While raising a teenager it is important for parents/teachers to recognize this and help the teen develop confidence in himself. 

3.Talk to them about common psychological issues

Talk to them about common psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, peer pressures etc…Highlight to them the importance of opening up about problems and confiding in someone who can help them out of it. Some children prefer opening up to third parties such as professional counsellors as they are more comfortable. Making sure they have the right help and open up at the right time can help understand them and sort their concerns better.

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4. Ask them

Ask them what their dreams and aspirations are. It is important to know a teen’s area of interest. Since most of the time what parents and children think might not match. Help them and encourage them in what they are good at and inform them objectively about the benefits and consequences of their choices. Raising a teenager this way not only encourages his/her individuality but he/she is taught to take complete responsibility for his/her choices and actions.

5. Bond with them

Find better ways of bonding with them. Raising a teenager will become easy if you know how to bond with them. No matter how old they get, one thing everyone loves is a day out. Go on a short exploration trip, take them camping, go out for a scoop of ice cream or cook a meal together. Doing things together promote better bonding and trust between two individuals and helps children establish stronger relationships with their teenager. They aren’t hard to understand, they just need a mile of extra love and care during this period.  

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There may be many jobs, but out of all parenting is the toughest job. We at Zedua are trying to make that easy.  You can follow our parenting tips blog for more info.


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