74th Indian Independence Day– A celebration of achievements

This 74thIndependence day, from Zedua, we bring you the set of important facts about India’s progress and the importance of education.


In the recent times, we have seen a major change in the education world of India. A new National Education Policy 2020 has been announced, which was introduced after 34 long years.


While, we have heard mixed reaction for the New Education Policy (NEP), it has largely been accepted as a new change and it has certainly brought freshness into the system that was much needed.


In this blog, we try and explain why it is important to educate the people of any country and what happens when people are educated. More importantly, what happens when a student is left to choose his/her areas of interest and passion?

Education system in India has been improved a lot from 1947 to 2020

Providing proper education makes any country rich in its human resource and can contribute to a lot of wealth, creating more employment, improved standard of living and improving economic conditions of the country as a whole.

Come, this 74th Independence day, let us celebrate the achievements of our great country.


Literacy rate:

literacy rate

Education is the basis of the Indian economy; literacy is the first step toward freedom, towards choice, towards opportunities.

Clearly we have come a long way, when it comes to literacy, from 12% to 74%.


Having high literacy rate means, people are able to read, write and communicate. Identify the skills that are there and make an informed decision. It helps measure the socio-economic-cultural development of a country.

The Education System In India During The Vedic Age.

So what happened by achieving this literacy rate? Let us see further.

Forex reserves:

forex reserves

Forex reserves are external assets like gold, foreign currency accumulated by India and managed by the Reserve Bank of India.

So, why is Forex Reserves important? A Forex reserve mainly gives confidence to the foreign investor on the country’s capacity to meet external obligations and demonstrate backing of domestic currency.


One of the primary reasons for a healthy economy of India is employment generated. Education plays a pivotal role in fulfilling this gap, by empowering talented and skilled young human resource.


Food and Agriculture.

food and agriculture

In the year 2020, 58% of India’s populations are farmers. They earn livelihood by agriculture. From the picture above, it is very clear that we are able to grow exponentially.
Education opens up the minds of farmer to knowledge. Education allows farmers to be abreast with the changing times, new innovations and ideas.

Moving away from traditional farming ways to introducing new technology, farmers were able to provide to the need of growing population and hunger.


Health Care

health care

Education is a process and also a product. The concept of education is very closely linked to healthcare system. Fundamental knowledge, skills, reasoning ability, emotional self-regulation achieved by educating individuals is critical components of health.

During the time of independence, average life expectancy was only 32 years. We are proud of all that we could do to improve this to 69.3 years.

Science and Technology

science and technology

In many ways education has become synonymous to science and technology. Earlier it was educating pupils to teach about science and technology, now it is about introducing science and technology to educate pupils.

In 1947, having Map of the world was a big deal; now with AI and VR we have the world in our classrooms.

Since independence there has been many proud moments for India with science and technology. Be it Mangalyan or the fact that we are one of the major exporters of pharmaceutical products Indian achievements in Science and Technology is appreciated across the globe. And now, the world is eagerly waiting for vaccine from India.


With all that is happening around us, it is natural for all of us to lose sight of all the wonderful things we as citizens of this country have achieved. Where India is today, is because of contributions from everyone of us, big or small.

This 74th Independence day of India, along with the freedom, let us celebrate our achievements. Let us celebrate togetherness. Let us celebrate our great nation.


So, what is your dream for India at 2030, care to share with us? Do leave comments below.


Zedua wishes you a very Happy Independence Day 2020.


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