Ancestral Tips for children under 5 years age

Every relationship in the world is precious on its own terms. To start from, parent-child, husband- wife, brother-sister, motherhood, fatherhood, and the most unique one is the grandparents and grandchildren relationship. One of the most special relationships is of grandparents and grandchildren as both the age groups have more similarities than others. The first moment of watching their grandchild is something grandparents would want to capture for the rest of their lives. Often this relationship is not noticed but it plays an important role in a kid’s life.

After parents, the next unconditional love that children receive is from their grandparents. Grandparents love pampering and spoiling their grandchildren, sometimes they may go overboard, but it is never enough for them, they just want to keep doing more and more for their grandchildren. Apparently, surveys and studies have shown that when grandkids spend a good amount of time with their grandparents, the kids tend to build emotional intelligence and good mental stability. The impact of a grandfather is on areas such as mentoring whereas grandmothers have expertise in the aspect of nurturing.
Lexicon Kids have specifically noted this relationship to be effectively influential on kids. So, Lexicon kids has curated a curriculum wherein different activities are inculcated in the semesters and different sessions are conducted for children and their grandparents to enhance their relationship and build a better foundation. In fact, World Grandparents Day is also celebrated in the school, with a huge celebration and fun activities are planned for kids and their grandparents. The Lexicon Kids has concluded that often families have rough patches, but a strong bond between kids and their grandparents can prove to be enough for kids to feel supported and loved. The lexicon has also realized that, when kids have their grandparents, they develop a feeling of being secured.

As kids come across this friendly relationship from an initial stage in the age, they tend to open up about their feelings and thoughts more securely, even regarding any concern they may not share with their parents. That is how this bond grows stronger and emotionally connected. As mentioned earlier, the activities conducted by the school, gradually adds-up more value to the relationship. But what exactly are the tips and tricks that grandchildren receive from their grandparents? There is so much that a kid can learn from his or her grandparents, which does not limit to an educational basis, but also when it comes to dealing with problems in real life. So here are some tips that lexicon has gathered, after talking to the grandparents of different kids and what do they want to pass on to the younger generation, i.e., their grandchildren.

  •  The Archive – The ancestral part of the family is always an amuse for the kids to learn about. The hierarchy of the family is always a new subject for children to listen to, as they are curious about their ancestors. How the family was started and how it the structure was formulated? If any of the ancestors went to war or lead any moment? And most interesting parts are where grandparents share their experiences with their grandchildren, about their schooling and their friends. Kids are often fascinated with the stories that their grandparents share with them, the struggles they have faced, and how they overcame these struggles, which truly inspires kids. In fact, the difference between the generation and the struggles, tend to inculcate values in kids about their privileges, leading them to become more hardworking.
  •  Listening and asking – The most interesting part of the grandparent and grandkid’s relationship is that kids are at liberty to ask as many questions as they are willing to. Kids pick up the thoughts and values, that their grandparents pass onto them or slip into a conversation unknowingly. Asking questions is not enough, but kids should also learn to listen to others. A huge chunk of grandparents has said that there are times when kids don’t listen to their parents but obey them. But listening to others does not limit only to elders but also to fellow humans, as it builds an emotional connection and establishes a bond. And especially when kids are this young, they learn to listen to others which helps them to be ready for their school life.
  • Support – Children need every kind of support possible, physical, mental, and emotional, specifically at times when they are unable to ask. Grandparents are those pillars of a child’s life, onto whom they rely on, for any situation that comes their way. Physical support would require constant presence, but emotional and mental support can be provided from anywhere in the world. Children are a little more comfortable with their grandparents than their parents, cause parents sometimes lack understanding and compatibility, whereas grandparents offer that. Kids consider their grandparents as a backbone, and the guidance that grandparents provide often leads to a brighter path.
  • Living life – Grandparents give such a different perspective when it comes to living life. And kids as old as 5 years of age, are in the stage of entering into the race of academical and overall journey, which is a question of worry for their grandparents, as they are concerned about their grandkids. But mostly, grandparents share this insight wherein, they teach their grandkids to live their life to the fullest, enjoy in every way possible, and at the same time, learn from every lesson that life has to offer. When entering the real world, children tend to become hyper, but grandparents are the source for them to learn to adjust and face if any problems come their way.
  • Sagacity – Kids are too young to understand the tactics of the world, the basic understanding of protective grandparents. Here, grandparents try to inculcate their wisdom and sagacity into their grandchildren, they not only share their experience but also, become a great path of guidance in case of any obstacle in their lives. Assurance also plays an important role when to comes to inculcating wisdom into kids, as they are too naïve to understand the true meaning of wisdom, but assuring the grandchildren with ‘everything will be ok’ is something that helps children gain the required sagacity at an early age.
  • Skills – It is definitive, that grandparents have a huge set of skills, that their grandkids are unaware of, such as some may know games, swimming, communication, baking, or any other skill. And these skills motivate children to develop a set of skills of their own. Grandparents often wish to teach their grandkids the skills that they learned in their time, which turns into an activity, resulting in a growing bond. There are some skills such as farming or fishing, which are rare in the current world, but holds great importance, these skills are noticeable by kids and intrigue them. Old art like letter writing can also be included in the skill set.
  • Communication and environment – The start of any relationship is completely based on the method and way of communication that takes place, which also determines the environment that is encouraged at home. Kids behave and develop in the outside world as they feel at home. Grandparents encourage this stable environment at home by, giving their inputs, helping everyone including the children to follow their routine, and being consistent with their deeds. Whereas, they are also the medium of communication, as they have seen the world wider than any other family member. Grandparents know the tricks to communicate in a better way when parents are unable to reach kids, here goes the communication skill that grandparents inculcate into skills. Even after establishing a significant relationship, there are times when the age difference would play an opposite role. At such times, parents interfere to bridge the gap. Some different parameters and factors determine this grandparent and grandchild relationship such as physicality, values, normalcy, emotional establishment but nothing weighs in comparison to what this relationship has to offer.

These tips are going to be of worth for a lifetime, which grandparents inculcate into their grandkids, especially when they start from an early age. Consistent attachment and constant guidance are the key foundation of this relationship which leads to acquiring such great tips and tricks.


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