Benefits of Education Franchise with Edify Schools

India has the largest population of youth in the age bracket of 5-24 years, which presents a wide
array of opportunities in the education space. With the booming Education Industry of India
providing huge business opportunities, the chances for success in this field are far better than any
other business. If you are an entrepreneur and are passionate about enhancing the academic lives
and providing quality education to children, an education franchise might be right up your alley.
Unlike starting a business from scratch, a franchise provides you with a large variety of the tools
and support already built in so you can begin your journey towards changing the lives of
thousands of children.

Let us look into the advantages of choosing a Franchise:


1) Cost Savings: 

Edify School Franchise  provide comprehensive hands-on solutions approach, right from inception,
planning, implementation and ongoing operations which proves to be economical and helps in
faster expansion of the school.

2) Track record of success:

Edify Schools are popularly known for their academic excellence,
sports facilities, and co-curricular activities. The extensive use of technology for teaching, and
learning through research, gives a wonderful track record to the new schools.

3) Brand Recognition:

Another big advantage of owning an education franchise is that the
reputation has already been established. With the prestigious brand name of Edify Education,
parents already recognize it as being a business that provides superior academic programs to
help students become successful. The brand also attracts quality teachers, which makes it easier
to attract new learners at your location. The credibility of an educational institution is the most
important factor while opting for it. Thus, a school franchise of a trusted franchisor certainly
makes things easier to begin with.

4) Operational Support:

Managed by an able team of personnel which includes academicians,
technology and design experts as well as content developers, our team provides an incredible
support system to all our franchise networks right from the preliminary stages.

5) Curriculum Support:

Edify is a CBSE School franchise provides schools with the
unique 3C system which is a well planned and creatively designed progressive model
for determining the curriculum in the light of their mission to help achieve goals.

6) Proven expertise:

As a well-established, prosperous brand, Edify is able to compute facts and
figures from their years of working and have a tried and tested business model. In other words,
you are participating in a system that you know has proven its worth over the time.

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