How To Bring In Positive Peer Pressure in Kids?

Bring In Positive Peer Pressure in kids:

Parents invest a lot of time and energy into raising their children and generally, want the best for them. But, they often get pulled into the cultural phenomenon of making studies at the centre of their children’s lives and pressurize them into getting good grades. In some countries, Bring In Positive Peer Pressure is generally a cause of worry for children. In India, it is the parental pressure that ranks high on their list of woes. Here is the article, How to Bring In Positive Peer Pressure.

Effects of peer pressure on kids

Parents pressurize children to get good grades for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is their wish that their children get into good colleges, for which good grades are imperative. Sometimes parents inadvertently want to live their career dreams through their children and without quite realizing it, they push their children to excel in academics in order to achieve those dreams. At other times, ironically, parents suffer from, to Bring In Positive Peer Pressure. Their friends’ children may be academic achievers and this pushes them to pressurize their own children to do better on the academic front.

Whatever the reason for parents to pressurize their children to get good grades, often this peer pressure backfires on them. Pressure from parents to get good grades demoralizes children and they may make more mistakes than usual in their exams and schoolwork. Pressure from parents for good grades could also show physical manifestation in children, such as children may experience stomachaches or headaches. It sometimes also has psychological effects on children, which further affects them during exams and otherwise. Some teenagers are known to show suicidal tendencies when faced with pressure from parents for better grades.

How To Bring In Positive Peer Pressure?

What parents need to understand is that there may be several reasons that could prevent children from being academic achievers. A couple of these reasons are learning disabilities and other areas of interest such as the arts and sports. While academic achievement is valuable, parents need to know that today more than ever before; there are a plethora of opportunities available to the children who have the aptitude and love for them. For example, the field of sports has opened up and people are making successful careers in it and the numerous branches of arts also present a wide range of opportunities for those who show a creative bent.

Schools today encourage children to take an interest and learn skills that go beyond the textbooks and they are thinking, How To Bring In Positive Peer Pressure. Parents too need to encourage children to explore their interests and find their niche, whether academic or otherwise. Children, like adults, have different personalities. All may not be built to excel in academics. They could have an aptitude for a field that may not be limited to academics. And, today most areas of interest can be turned into lucrative vocations. Parents simply need to recognize and encourage their children’s natural interests, and then, show support and give help wherever required.

So, Dear Parents, just relax and enjoy watching your children explore themselves and their world with the confidence that the world has enough opportunities to offer your children based on their personal interest and aptitude.

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