Choosing the best schools – A complete school admission guide 2021-22

Today, we are going to show you how to choose the best schools near you and apply for admissions with our step-by-step school admission guide 2021.

Every year, millions of parents look for top schools near them to find that perfect school for their kids. At Zedua, parents’ constant queries are CBSE school admission details, preschool admission guidelines if any, preschool admission for 2021, best syllabus in India, preschool syllabus, UKG syllabus, and many more…

Different parents have different criteria to choose schools for their children. Last year, we have got over 10,000 admission inquiries, and based on that data, we present to you the school admission guide 2021 for parents.

Here is the school admission checklist 2021 for parents to choose the top schools for their kid’s school admission.

Step 1: School syllabus in India

Step 2: Distance from their houses

Step 3: The facilities offered by the school

Step 4: School fee structure

Step 5: Communication from schools

Step 6: Opportunities created by the schools

Step 7: Finding the best schools

Step8: Applying for admissions

zedua for parents

Step 1: School Syllabus in India


The syllabus followed at school is one of the most important criteria for the parents and the first step in identifying the best schools. The common question amongst all parents is which board is best for my child?

However, understanding the syllabus offering is not very easy and it requires a lot of time and effort from the parents. So, we try and simplify this for our beloved parents:

There are 5 most popular types of school syllabus in India and 2 prominent styles of teaching methodologies in preschools.

Playschool Syllabus in India:

  • The curriculum followed individually by the preschools themselves.

Come let’s understand what is the importance of choosing the right syllabus for kids?

Although each syllabus offered has positive and negative sides, it completely depends on the parents to choose what is best for their child. Understanding the child’s capacity and interest is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing the best syllabus in India.  We as parents, before taking admission at school should be aware of differences between the syllabuses and should always keep in mind what is the best syllabus for my child, instead of which syllabus is the best.

One more important thing to keep in mind is no matter which syllabus you choose, the school you choose should have the best teaching and support staff to implement these syllabuses to the best of their abilities.

Going through these links above, we are sure that parents can make an informed decision on which syllabus is best for your kid.

We also have these articles, which can further explain in detail about the different types of syllabus followed in India.

Difference between CBSE and ICSE board syllabus.

Difference between IB and IGCSE board syllabus.

Know about different types of syllabus in India.

Step 2: School Distance 


Once we know a little bit more on the syllabus, and narrowed down to the syllabus that is best suited for our kids, it is time to move on to the next step and choose the best school near me.

The process of admission and selecting the school has multiple steps and many sub-steps as well.

Don’t worry; Zedua is here to help you.

So, here is what you can do next;

      1. Visit


      2. Select your city.

select city

      3. Type/Select the area.

select area

4. Select the syllabus that you already chose.

select syllabus

So, now you have the best schools in your area for the chosen syllabus.

Browse through the list, click on a few school links and try and understand more about the school. If in doubt, post a question in the discussion forum, or post a query on the Zedua FB page. Talk to a few parents, and then make an informed decision.

To make things simple for you, we have already created some blogs with admission details; Top CBSE schools, Best ICSE schools, Best preschools near you, Top IB schools, city-wise and area wise.

You can browse through each, click on the link to get more details about school admission procedure, fee structure, and facilities available, and many more.

If you decide on a school, you can click on the enquire for the admissions button, fill-up the form, and submit.

Bangalore Chennai Mumbai, Pune
List of Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore 10 Best CBSE Schools In Chennai Top 10 CBSE Schools in Mumbai
Top 10 Residential schools in Bangalore Best Schools In Velachery, Chennai List of Top 10 Best IB Schools in Mumbai
List of Best Preschools in Bangalore Best Schools in Anna Nagar, Chennai Top 10 ICSE Schools in Mumbai
list of Best IB Schools in Bangalore Best Schools In Adyar, Chennai Best CBSE Schools In Pune
List of 10 Top ICSE Schools in Bangalore International Schools In Chennai List of Top ICSE Schools in Pune
List Of KendriyaVidyalaya Schools In Bangalore Best Preschools in Chennai Best Play Schools in Pune
Best International Schools in Bangalore List of KendriyaVidyalayas in Chennai List of Top International Schools in Pune


Step 3: The facilities offered by the school


Facilities offered by the school are considered as one of the important criteria for the parents to select the school.

From our survey, we have found that apart from academics, parents have voted for the importance of co-curricular activities also as one of the important value addition given at school.

Be it science laboratory equipment at school, arts, music, sports, swimming, or any other activities understanding the child’s interest is valued greatly. So, having the best facilities at school makes all the difference for the parents.

In Zedua, we have made our best efforts to give you all the facilities that are offered at a school. You can choose them as one of the filters while searching for the best schools in your area. However, we suggest you talk to the school, or best to visit the school to know more about these facilities offered by the school.

Here, we give you a list of schools in some of the areas, just for your reference.

Best CBSE Schools in Delhi Best ICSE Schools in Delhi Best IB Schools in Delhi Best IGCSE schools in Delhi Best Playschools in Delhi
Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad Best ICSE Schools in Hyderabad Best IB Schools in Hyderabad Best IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad Best Playschools in Hyderabad
Best CBSE Schools in Pune Best ICSE Schools in Pune Best IB Schools in Pune Best IGCSE Schools in Pune Best Playschools in Pune
Best CBSE Schools in Patna Best ICSE Schools in Patna Best IB Schools in Patna Best IGCSE Schools in Patna Best Playschools in Patna
Best CBSE Schools in Kolkata Best ICSE Schools in Kolkata Best IB Schools in Kolkata Best Play Schools in Kolkata Best Playschools in Kolkata
Best CBSE Schools in Jaipur Best ICSE Schools in Jaipur Best IB Schools in Jaipur Best IGCSE Schools in Jaipur Best Playschools in Jaipur
Best CBSE Schools in Indore Best ICSE Schools in Indore Best IB Schools in Indore Best IGCSE Schools in Indore Best Playschools in Indore


Step 4: School Fee structure


No matter what anyone says, we as parents always want what is best for our children. In this fast-growing world, we want our kids to be open and exposed to all the wonderful opportunities out there. We always stretch as much as possible or even a little bit more when it comes to kids and their education.

At this point, we want to say that schools are overly secretive and usually do not give out the correct information on the fee structure. However, we have tried our best to be transparent and give these details to our parent community.

The fee structure of schools varies from school to school; Preschool fees in India is, CBSE school fee structure, ICSE school fee structure are all very different from each other. School fees usually increase by 10% every year. We urge our parents to think multiple times before selecting the school and come up with proper budget planning to make sure we have enough and also give the best school to our children.

No matter what we do, we always feel that there is something better elsewhere, so we want to tell our dear parents that what you are doing is enough. We have many examples where kids with minimal facilities and opportunities still have made the best name for themselves.

Here are some of the popular school links of cities in India.

Candor international school admission details

Stonehill international school Bangalore

Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School

Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Vidyashilp public school kondhwa budruk Pune

Suryadatta national school Pune fee structure

Step 5: Communication from schools


Although this step does not sound important, it is most definitely one of the important things to consider when choosing a school.

A school, which considers parents as a part of a child’s development, earns extra brownie points. A child’s character is developed with all those around them. School, teacher, friends, and parents all of them have a valuable contribution in developing our children’s character and skills.

These days, schools have their own app or tied up with many ERP’s to keep the parent-teacher communication open. Find more about the communication methods used by the school.

Particularly for parents of toddlers this becomes all the more important. Children stepping out of their houses first time, trying to adjust to the new world.  Having clear and open communication is one of the features that you need to be aware of while choosing the best preschools for your child.

Here, we have given a list of few parent-teacher communication apps that preschools have been using to communicate.

EuroKids Pre School – Communication app for Eurokids preschool.

Kriyo – Preschool, and Daycare management app used for Klay Preschool.

SkoolBag – School Communication app used by kangaroo kids Preschool.

Kidzee Satellite – Communication app for Kidzee Preschool Parents and Teacher.

Smart Kids Play School – School to Parents communication Application for Smart kids playschool.

Although choosing the right school is left to each individual parent, we tried our best to compile an admission guide showing how to choose a school for your child.

Step 6: Opportunities created by the schools


We are absolutely blessed to be in this era, as we have more doors of opportunity knocking every day. The things that we could not have imagined before are easily possible now. Some of them like, participating in national competitions or visiting NASA, or having a discussion with the PM, or interacting with favorite sports stars.

All of these are quite easy if the schools create these opportunities. An education institution is more than capable of getting these opportunities for their students.

So, parents check around the different achievements of the school, legends of schools. Check out if they have been covered by media. If all these are important for you, if not, you can skip this step and move on to the next one. This is just one of the criteria to consider while looking for admission in the school.

Here is the list of some of the popular schools across India.

Kendriya Vidyalaya admission 2021-22

Kendriya Vidyalaya Bangalore

Sainik schools in India

Delhi public school admission

Oakridge international school

Bangalore international school

Canadian international school

Silver oaks international school fee structure.

Step 7: Finding the best schools


All the activities that we did previously are to arrive at this point.

Know more about the school syllabus offered, search for the top schools nearby, know more about the facilities offered at each school, know about the school fee structure format and find the best school distance wise.

Before closing on a particular school, there is one last step. Talking to the fellow parents/or helping fellow parents(if your child already studying at a school).

So, here is what you can do;

  1. Visit



       2. Click on Discussion Forum.

discussion forum

       3.Post a question on the school that you want to know about.

add a question


  1. Visit – 
  2. Post your question here.

We promise you, we will make an honest attempt to answer all your questions.

But, it is our sincere and humble request that parents please use this opportunity to help fellow parents make a decision. It is one of the important decisions of the parents’ life and your opinion matters.

Things to keep in mind while choosing school for kids

  1. Your Child’s Learning Styles
  2. School Safety and Transportation
  3. The student to Teacher Ratio
  4. The Range of Co-Curricular Activities
  5. School’s Rating
  6. School’s Review
  7. Choice Of Curriculum
  8. Financial Commitment

To simplify the decision making steps for you, we have already listed down the Top CBSE schools, Best ICSE schools, Top IB schools, and Best Preschools near you, city-wise and area wise as well.

Some of them are listed here. Click and inquire for admissions here.

Bangalore Chennai Mumbai
CBSE Schools in Bangalore CBSE Schools in Chennai CBSE Schools in Mumbai
IB Schools in Bangalore IB Schools in Chennai IB Schools in Mumbai
IGCSE Schools in Bangalore IGCSE Schools in Chennai IGCSE Schools in Mumbai
ICSE Schools in Bangalore ICSE Schools in Chennai ICSE Schools in Mumbai
Play schools in Bangalore Play Schools in Chennai Play Schools in Mumbai


Step 8: Applying for admissions


The last and final step is to apply for admissions.

Each school has a different admission process and rules for admissions. The rules for admissions are not generic and devised by each school individually. They are not quite clear and the school reserves the right to admission. So we urge parents to have at least 2 – 3 different schools as options and apply for admissions in all of these.

At Zedua, we try and simplify this process for you. We have tied up with more than 2000 schools across India (and counting upwards). Applying with these schools is simple and easy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to



     2.Choose city and choose your school/schools.

choose city school

     3. Click on Enquire for admission button.

enquire for admission

4. Fill up the form and submit

fill the form

Your forms reach the schools directly and the schools will further connect with you to get more details and documents.

If the schools have not tied up with Zedua, we still send out your forms to their mails IDs. In this case, we also send your inquiry to similar schools around. So, you might get calls from different schools for admission and you can choose which ones to go with.

Important note: Enquiring admissions at Zedua, does not guarantee admissions in any schools. The schools reserve the rights of admission.

It is your turn now…

So, this is it for Zedua.

We are trying to simplify admissions for both schools and parents so came up with these 8 steps admission guidelines for 2021.

If you have any other ways or any other methods which can ease the admission process for parents, any comments, or feedback, please do leave a comment below. We are happy to acknowledge any changes and we might include these changes in this blog as well.

Happy school hunting… 🙂 


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