Co-curricular Activities And Its Importance In Schools

Education helps develop a balance between a sound mind and a healthy body. We have all grown up hearing “A healthy body houses a healthy mind”, but how does one achieve a healthy body while achieving excellence in academics?. This is possible on Knowing the co-curricular activities and its importance.

Co-curricular activities are a great way to get a break from the four-walled environment and move outside the traditional classroom. These activities take place alongside curricular activities, which gives a chance to students to showcase their non-academic skills. Kids are full of energy which adults can’t keep up to. Co-curricular activities help them manage their reservoir of energy. But, co-curricular activities are not all play. Co-curricular activities and its importance has been proven by many types of research and is now part of the curriculum of many schools.

Co-curricular activities and its importance:

1. Co-curricular activities teach kids how to manage their time.

2. It inculcates values, such as harmony, decisiveness, integrity, honesty, ethics, respect
for others, etc.

3. Co-curricular activities for kids also help them polish their leadership skills.

4. It makes them responsible.

5. It teaches them to work as a team.

6. It also makes them street smart.

7. It also builds their self-esteem and confidence.

8. It teaches them to be more social and have social relationships.

9. As kids go through ups and downs of friendship, they will also learn how to resolve

10. Research shows that there is a connection between co-curricular activities and academics performance.

11. Students are able to explore what they are good at. This is a good time to find out what are their hobbies.

12. One of the co-curricular activities for kids is sports which helps in the physical development of the child. This helps in fighting obesity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

13. Being good at a particular co-curricular activity opens up your chances of being into a good university or getting a scholarship.

14. Co-curricular activities for kids also improves their problem-solving skills.

Co-curricular activities for kids not only helps in mental and physical development but also helps in raising a well-adjusted individual. These structured activities are a great way to give a much-deserved break to the kids from academic while building on their core skills. We hope you liked this article regarding co-curricular activities and its importance. 

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