Day School vs Boarding School: Making The Right Choice

Choosing the right school for your child is never an easy thing. Day school vs Boarding school is a question with no answers in black and white. The choice evolves with time, financial conditions of the family and the inherent nature of the child. First things first: Boarding schools, in most cases, are expensive as opposed to Day schools, where the tuition fee is relatively affordable. Also, the frequency of communication and involvement of parents is consistent.

In this regard, we will shed some light on advantages, disadvantages and grey areas of opting for a day school. Further, in the second part of this write-up, we will elucidate the pros and cons of boarding schools.

Affordability and AccessDay School vs Boarding School

In a country like India, considered a developing nation, a vast majority of people lack access to quality education. A report by Global education Monitoring (GEM), suggests that a whopping 264 Million people over the world are deprived of access to education. In India, too, this is a cause for concern. While many visionaries have contributed immensely to the framing of policies, we as a nation, have failed to provide education to all.

Consequently, the cost of education is growing by the day, while the affordability is playing weak catch-up. The report further goes on to reveal that the rich have 5 times more access to early education than the poor. So, unless you form the creamy layer or find yourself among the advantaged, a quality day school with expert faculty and facilities will be ideal for your child.

Parental InvolvementDay School vs Boarding School

If you are a parent, who likes to be involved with your child’s day-to-day academic progress, and your child likes that too, then the option of boarding school is better left in the waiting, at least until the equations change. Some children require more care and attention than independence. They feel comfortable and assured in the presence of parents. Talking to their mother, father, or caregiver about their day at school brings delight to them.

This forms the roots for the development of a strong parent-child relationship. Therefore, if you aren’t disadvantaged by a packed schedule, and can afford to give your child adequate time, then day school, surely, is a better choice. Also, this helps the child adapt to a demanding schedule and recognize the efforts of parents.  Moreover, the availability of parents, in case of emergencies, makes day school a better option for your child.

Making an Informed ChoiceDay School vs Boarding School

Schools and parents shape the nature and outlook of the child, in almost equal measure. From infancy to adolescence and adulthood, they go through significant physical and emotional changes. The presence or absence of parents can alter their course of life. The challenge, every parent encounters is: What is the right degree of involvement? How do I find an answer the Day School vs Boarding School question?

Parents understand the nature of their child better than most people and recognize instantly if something’s wrong. They alone can find the most appropriate answers to the ‘Day school vs Residential school’ question. Nevertheless, it requires time and attention to detail to decide on the schooling-system your child would achieve better progress in. For some, boarding school could be a thriving place. For others, it would be two steps backwards. As for the rest, a few years of day schooling, followed by boarding school may be the road to success.

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