Zedua Interview with Mr. Kartik Naidu, White Petals School, Bangalore.

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These are the times of confusion and uncertainty and it has grasped each sector and every industry. But yes there are some warriors on the education front as well who are trying to make the admission process simpler and clear the doubts of parents and educators out there. Watch this exclusive interview of one such warrior, Mr Kartik Naidu, the Founder, Director of White Petals Chain of Schools, Bangalore who has given some most beneficial insights of what is going on in the education sector, what efforts the schools are taking to fill the learning gap and much more!

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The interview covers the following areas:

1. Online classes and assessment.

2. How teachers are taking the challenging of virtual teaching.

3. How the schools will be after the lockdown gets lifted, whether there will be any change or no.

4. Online admission process and the fee structure of this academic year.