Things To Keep In Mind While Finding The Best School

Brand Building and Schools

Brand Building – Enhancing a brand’s equity directly through advertising campaigns and indirectly through promotions.



Brand building, while a very corporate, is increasingly being used in context to schools. With an increase in competition, many schools are investing in building a brand for themselves. Earlier, good schools were known by word of mouth, but today, schools are feeling the need to go out there and market themselves. Starting with hoardings, to advertisements in print and on television and to school buses having school information printed on them. Schools are employing several methods to build a brand for themselves. All these methods give parents who are trying to find a school for their children the information that schools want to give them. But to build a genuine brand for themselves, schools need to give these parents the information that they require to make informed decisions while finding a school for their children.

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What parents look for in a school

Parents need information about the achievements of schools to gauge the effectiveness of schools. Schools can give them this information through their stories. Every school has its own story. Some schools may have students who are doing very well in academics. Some schools may have a culture that everyone going to that school is proud of. While some others may offer strong extracurricular programs. Some parents are finding a school that would offer good syllabus that would help in overall improvement of kids. Schools need to tell their stories such that they offer parents a clear picture of who they are and what they are good at.

How Zedua can be useful for parents and schools

Zedua offers schools a platform on which they can write about all their achievements. Schools can register on Zedua and use it to showcase themselves by giving details of how they function and list all their achievements. Zedua also allows schools to include instances when they have had media coverage.

Often, parents are interested to find a school that have produced achievers. Schools need to talk about their ex-students who have gone out into the world and done very well for themselves in their chosen field. Zedua provides a platform for schools to give information about their ex-students and their achievements.

Parents are always concerned about the teachers employed by schools. They want to know something about the people who will be looking after their children on a day to day basis and who will have the responsibility of educating their children. Zedua provides schools a platform to talk about their teachers and their achievements. Schools can also give recognition to their teachers on Zedua.

While schools can employ numerous other methods to build a brand for themselves, Zedua offers schools a platform that helps them give parents who are their potential customers, just the right kind of information that engages them instantly. And, isn’t that exactly what good branding building is all about?

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