Types Of Parenting Styles And Their Effects On Children

Based on the work of Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, the following 4 types of Parenting Styles has been framed. They are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and neglectful. Each one of these Parenting Styles carries different characteristics and brings about different reactions in the children. 

This classification of parenting styles has been studied for over 25 years in different countries. Results are generally found to be as expected as stated below for each parenting style. Find what type of Parent-Children relationship you have with your child by reading this blog.

Types Of Parenting Styles:

parenting styles

Authoritative Parent

 Highly Demanding and Highly Supportive. 

Parenting Style

Effects On Children

  • Disciplinary rules and the reasons behind them are explained and clear.
  • Communication is frequent & mutual and appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.
  • Authoritative parents are nurturing and caring.
  • Expectations and goals are high and Children will have the major contribution in setting up goals.
  • More Self-Esteem.
  • Better Social Skills.
  • Less Mental illness.
  • More Independent.

Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parent

Highly Demanding and Not Supportive.

Parenting Style

Effects On Children

  • They use a strict discipline style with little or no negotiation.
  • Punishment is common.
  • Communication is mostly one way: from parent to child. Rules are stated clearly but not explained.
  • Parents with this style are typically less nurturing and caring.
  • Less Self-Esteem.
  • Poor Social Skills.
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse.
  • Mental Illness,
  • Less independent

Permissive or Indulgent Parent

Highly Supportive and Not Demanding.

Parenting Style

Effects On Children

  • Their discipline style is the opposite of strict. They set limited or no rules and mostly let children figure out problems on their own.
  • Open to communication, but they let children decide for themselves rather than giving even minimal guidance.
  • Parents in this category tend to be warm and nurturing.
  • Expectations are typically minimal or not set by these parents.
  • Impulsive Behaviour.
  • Egocentric.
  • Poor Social Skills.
  • Problematic Relationships.
  • Worse Self-control

Neglectful Parents


Parenting Style

Effects On Children

  • No particular style of discipline is set. They let their child mostly do what he wants, probably out of a lack of information or care.
  • Communication is limited.
  • This group of parents offers little nurturing and care.
  • There are few or no expectations from children.
  • Impulsive Behaviour.
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse.
  • Suicidal.


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From decades of studies, researchers also found that the authoritative parenting style is consistently linked to the best outcomes for kids. Therefore, it is considered the best and most effective parenting style by psychologists and psychiatrists.

However, exceptional cases are present in these Parenting Styles. Below mentioned points are some of the factors that may also play a part in determining how a child turns out.

1. Parenting Styles vs Parenting Practices:

Every Parent is different and for the same parenting style, no two parents can follow it in the same manner.

2. Cultural and Ethnics Differences:

Some studies found that authoritative parenting is not always the best style across families from diverse ethnic.

3. Child Temperament:

Children’s own behavior can affect the parent’s choice of parenting and the outcomes.

These Types Of Parenting Styles are a simple guide to help decode your parenting style and to provide general suggestions on how to raise your child using these 4 Types Of Parenting Styles according to your needs.  Also, keeping in mind that every parent-child relationship is different we can say that there is no one sure way to go about parenting.

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