How can you make your kid stop biting nails?

How can you make your kid stop biting nails?

Biting nails are a terrible habit and it is very difficult to quit. If your kid has the habit of biting his nails then you are not only the parent who is worried. 60% children aged between 9 to 20 years have the habit of biting their nails.
As a parent it is very important for you to know why your child does it, it is quite an annoying thing. I know this because my kid is also a perpetual nail-biter. Here are some effective tips, How can you make your kid stop biting nails?

Here we are having some causes of biting nails:

1. To feel comfort

2. When feeling bored

3. Stress & Anxiety

4. Hereditary

5. Learning it from others (or) Siblings

How can you make your kid’s stop biting nails?

1. Distract your kid’s mood when he is biting his nails.

2. Always suggest your kid’s do alternatives activities.

3. Keep your kid’s nails always trimmed and clean.

4. Talk to your kid’s to know how he got this habit.

5. Help your child and explain that there might be germs hiding beneath the nails and then he needs to stop the habit immediately.

6. We can get so many bitter taste liquids in medical shops, get that and apply it on to your kid’s nails. This is the best way for your kid to stop biting nails.

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