How can Zedua help Parents? Secrets spilled!

Life has become fast-paced and time flies the swiftest until you have to tackle a big situation in our life if you are a parent.

Wonder what the situation might be?

Which school to choose for your child?!’

Completely relatable, isn’t it?

This major question generally eats up weekends and sometimes the peace of mind when you are oscillating between academic infrastructure, fees, and transport facilities, etc. This adds to the already existing stress you have and then you are left confused. You then think of discussing it with your friends and they drag you more inside the wormhole of confusion, giving you alternatives that will blow your mind. Options like private or public schooling, CBSE or ICSE, homeschooling or unschooling and so on. Too many options and eventually you just sit staring at the blank thinking how simple life was when you were in school.

This is where Zedua steps in.

Zedua is your one-stop destination to find good schools around the country. It is a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for parents to choose the perfect school for their children. We understand the stress to find a good school when the market is filled with so many options. Say no to the stress and just log in to Zedua and you can search around 1.6 million schools across India.  

Once on Zedua, you can join Zedua’s biggest parent community wherein you can take part in the discussion forum. You ask the fellow parents your queries and read their reviews about any particular schools you are interested in. You can a lso visit the school zone, search for the best schools near you, check the rating, facilities, admission details, fee structure and reviews at the same place.

You can filter your search as following according to your preferences:

  • Syllabus
  • Type of School
  • Available Facilities
  • Medium of Instruction
  • Distance

In addition to this, you can also check out the teacher’s corner and read the blogs and activities posted by other teachers. Also, you can check out some expert opinions about any particular topic on Zedua.

There’s more!

Zedua’s blog section is brimful of articles to help parents in every way.  Our blog section contains articles on various topics from child psychology, nutrition, latest education trends, and top schools city-wise around India to parenting tips for day-to-day problems and busting a few myths and stereotypes prevalent in the society.  

Now when it comes to using Zedua, it just like Facebook. You use Facebook to connect with friends, similarly, you can use Zedua to connect with fellow parents, schools and teachers. As simple as that!

Social media has taken over the world and Zedua offers an opportunity for parents to understand how internet can help in education. Zedua will help you stay adept with the latest educational trends, news, and schools around India offering the best resources not only in academics but also activities that contribute to the overall development of a child. Along with this, you can access various blogs uploaded by teachers, worksheets and question banks helping you to understand the exam pattern and chart your child’s learning curve.

To summarise, Zedua can help parents in the following ways,

  1. User-friendly interface to search for the right school.
  2. Parents can compare and review other schools.
  3. Direct contact with schools, teachers and fellow parents online.
  4. Access to various useful resources and articles that will contribute to the overall development of your child.

How to use ZEDUA?

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Get registered on Zedua using your email address.
  2. Join Zedua’s parent community and access the discussion forum.
  3. Explore Teacher’s Corner, Parents’ Corner, School Zone, upcoming workshops & many more.

Voila and Zedua welcomes you to the new-age of education. We are always by your side in giving your child the best education around the country.

Thus, using Zedua is simple and the benefits are many. Get registered on Zedua today to bid a sweet goodbye to the stress of school hunting. To know more about our brand and other details, please visit or you can searc h us on social media platforms. See you!

Also, if you want to get in contact with us regarding any query or just to say hello, please email us at [email protected], team Zedua will be happy to assist you.

Happy parenting to you!


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