How to Identify Best CBSE Schools and Apply for Admission

CBSE schools are one of the prestigious education boards in India. It is also the most popular school boards with parents and students alike because of its comprehensive way of teaching. At Zedua we have more than 50% parents applying for CBSE school admissions in the current academic year making it the most popular board.

With over 20,000 + CBSE board schools, parents have a lot of wonderful schools to choose from. So, here we bring you the steps how to identify best CBSE schools in India. At Zedua, you can search for CBSE school admission details and apply for admissions also. Before that, let us try and understand what is CBSE syllabus.

What is CBSE syllabus?

One of the most popular syllabuses followed in India is the CBSE syllabus. The Union Government of India controls Central Board of Secondary Syllabus (CBSE). CBSE follows NCERT syllabus. There are approximately 20,300 best CBSE schools in India.

All the Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV schools) and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya are affiliated to CBSE.

CBSE syllabus believes in the core idea of holistic development of a child and that the education should focus on excellence. The CBSE affiliated schools follows either Hindi or English medium of instruction. All India exams are conducted for class 10 and class 12 every year in the month of March.

Along with this, the board also conducts AIEEE, and AIPMT entrance examinations for Engineering, Architecture and Medical colleges.

Check out the complete list of CBSE syllabus schools in India, at Search for CBSE school admission details and apply for admissions.

Please find the links below for the top CBSE schools in your city. Click on it and find details on all these schools.

CBSE Board Schools CBSE Board Schools
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CBSE Schools in Indore CBSE Schools in Pune
CBSE Schools in Patna CBSE Schools in Kolkata
CBSE Schools in Hyderabad CBSE Schools in Kochi
CBSE Schools in Jaipur CBSE Schools in Lucknow
CBSE Schools in Ludhiana Punjab CBSE Schools in Surat
CBSE Schools in Gurgaon CBSE Schools in Coimbatore
CBSE Schools in Ahemedabad CBSE Schools in Vijayawada

What is NCERT curriculum?

National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is a well-rounded curriculum. NCERT curriculum has a clear flow of concepts, which are connected to each other. NCERT curriculum prepares the students to have competitive edge at the national level. It does not promote rote-learning method and encourages every child to inquire, develop theories, and develop a systematic approach to the multifaceted subjects and topics.

For example, at the primary stage, the students are encouraged to explore the world around them joyfully. At the upper primary stage, the child is engaged in learning principles of science through familiar experiences working with hands on simple technological units and modules. At the secondary stage, composite discipline is introduced with tools and advanced technological modules. At the higher secondary stage, science is introduced as separate discipline with emphasis on experiments and problem solving.

The best CBSE schools in India follows NCERT syllabus and mostly do not wander away from textbooks. A few statistics is changed to test the understanding of the students, else the questions are only from the textbooks.

CBSE school admission checklist

3 things you need to know about best CBSE schools

By now, it is well established that the top CBSE schools follows NCERT syllabus and a little more details on these.  But the implementation of these depends on each individual school and the quality of staff in these schools.

So, choosing the school after fixing on a syllabus becomes very important. Read ahead to find the 3 things that you need to know about the best CBSE schools near you.

1. Affiliation:

The CBSE board has given out affiliations to 20,000 + schools across India. But unfortunately there are many schools with fake affiliations claiming to be CBSE schools. As appalling as it may sound, it is unfortunately true. So, we urge parents to check thoroughly with multiple mediums. Check with the school directly for the affiliation number if needed to double check on the affiliations.

2. Evaluations

CBSE guidelines suggest Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The objective of introducing CCE was the continuity in evaluation and assessment of board based learning and behavioral outcome.  This is implemented using Formative assessment (FA) and Summative assessment (SA).  Formative assessment is carried out throughout the academic year providing continuous feedback for both students and teachers. Summative assessment is carried out at the end of the course to sum up the student understanding of the course.

3. Multidisciplinary Learning

Important fact: Physical Education is an integral part of CBSE curriculum.

CBSE syllabus provides a lot of scope for multidisciplinary learning. It all depends on the school implementing these. There is no need for rote learning and NCERT curriculum provides a comprehensive syllabus.It encouragesthe students to pursue their passion that shapes their personality. Here the infrastructure provided by the schools is very important. If the school has a very good infrastructure, all the areas can be well explored and the areas of interest can be well groomed.

3 unusual ways to find the best CBSE schools in your city

Searching for a school can be pretty daunting for the new parents. Schools are the first social engagement for the kids outside of family. It is the place where the kids develop a personality. Choosing the right school makes a lot of difference.

So, here we list 3 unusual ways to find the best CBSE schools near me.

1. School discovery websites.

 zedua for parents

There are many school discovery websites that are listing out the schools and the details about these schools. Zedua is one such platform, where you can choose best CBSE schools, admission procedure of CBSE schools, fee structure of CBSE board school and apply for admissions too. These websites are a way to find the best CBSE schools nearby in your city. They help to simplify the admission process to both parents and schools.


2. Visit the school and talk to some students

When you are searching for a school, there are many steps involved. Use our complete guide; this might help you to get more information on CBSE school admission details. Meanwhile, visiting schools is one of the important steps. You can talk to principal, teachers, you can see the infrastructure available. In these steps, do have a little chat with the kids there, of course with supervision of teachers. You will get to know how the students are focused, their behavior and attitude. It tells a lot about the culture of the school.

Exercise caution while talking to the little kids. You should just be talking normally, do not probe or do not ask too many questions.

3. Connect with parents and get reviews


Talking to parents gives wonderful insights on the history, culture and overall personality of the student in turn the school.If you are new in town or the area it is difficult to get to know the parents directly, so reach out to parents via the school discovery platforms, social media platforms like Facebook groups. There are no silly questions; you can put up any kind of questions that you would like, be sure of every aspect before finalizing a school.

We wish that you chose the best of the best school for your child. Wishing you the best always.

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