How to Make Online Classes Fun?

Ever since the pandemic hit us, all of us have been trying real hard to cope up with the situation. Healthcare, economy, all other industries went on to a big spin and trying the most innovative methods to bring a new cheer. Education sector also did not fall behind.

Before beginning the next academic year, education institutions had a monumental mission ahead of them. They had to go through a complete shift from traditional classroom to everything virtual. Constantly reinventing themselves to find the new techniques for a successful online classroom.

Teachers also had a humongous task. The lesson plans, that they were doing before was not applicable anymore. They had to come up with a new plan, new methods, and new techniques and had to upgrade themselves to this new technology. Thanks to our teachers, they did it. They did all of this, but better.

Most of the parents and teachers are confused about the online classes Your confusion ends with this article.

However, they are still faced with new challenges everyday. Here we give some tips for taking the online classes.

1. Engage the students

Students are not physically in front of you. The virtual classrooms are so much different from physical classrooms. Bygones are the days when you could just enter the class and “Just wing it”. Entire 30 – 40 mins has to be planned and executed very well. Sometimes the class falls flat not because we are bad teachers but we failed to keep our students engaged.

Here are some tips on online classes for preschoolers that you could include during a virtual class to break the monotony.

  1. Take a break, with a game.
    2 minutes of fun game catches attention of all the kids and bring them together.
  2. Include a song in between the class. Kids love to sing and dance. Encourage this, as this is fun and brings that energy back into the class.
  3. Get them moving.
    Preschoolers can hardly sit in a place, they are more prone to distractions. The only way to get their attention is to get them moving. The best type of learning is when the kids hardly realize that they are learning at all. In case of online classes for preschoolers, it is always best to have some physical activity going on.

2. Gamification

It is a well-known fact that kids are well versed in mobiles/technology and most of them sure know how to play online games very well. We can try and include a game into the teaching-learning process.

Games need to be planned well, don’t make games only for fun. It should have a clear learning objective in mind. It is also best way to collaborate.

Try and plan a game that could be worked as a team. Students are already missing their friends; this can be the best way to bring them all together. We hear some arguments that gamification minimizes intrinsic motivation, but it is also observed improved participation from the students.

Here are some examples:

  • Make history class more fun by having a number game for better memory
  • Geography with embedded map or crossword puzzle for language fun.
  • Get your creative juices flowing.

There are many online teaching ideas.

3. Students as owners

Let students be the class owners. Make them responsible for each class. Just like class monitor, they will be responsible to maintain the online class decorum, discuss and decide on question & answer sessions. They will also be responsible to collect feedback if any.

This way, students feel that they are a part of the class and go on turns, so each student can wait for their turn and introduce new ideas to make class fun and exiting. Online classes for kids sure are a difficult task, but it need not be a burden for any.

4. Using house hold articles for experiments

Online classes for kids are not without shortcomings and it can never replace the warmth and friendliness of a classroom. However, keeping the current situation in mind, we all are doing our best to find the best stopgap solution.

In online class for high school kids scenario, practical learning is what the students miss the most. Doing experiments in lab, observing the changes, understanding the concepts and principles behind these.

Online classes need not miss these, use household articles to continue the same learning process at home. Use kitchen equipment, ingredients to display the chemical reactions. Let the students try out different experiments at home and submit the observations. Lets agree this is fun and involves all elders at home also. This can also double as a family-fun time.

Here are some suggestions;

Math experiments –

Science experiments –

Language cognitions –

On a similar topic, we had recently spoken to Dr.Priti Ojha, Principal, Delhi International School and she has shared some wonderful insights. Click here to watch the complete video.

It is testing times for all, but it is also the time for us to come together and work to make each one of us better. Teaching format may change, there may be better technologies, but one thing is constant, ‘We are Teachers’.

We find ways to teach, make sure all our kids are better citizens. We are the ones that are holding the tender soul with us, trying to shape a better future. If at all anything is more important today that is love, with lot of uncertainty ahead of us, we can only win by love. Pour all your love into the lessons, and hopefully one day it is returned to us by making this planet filled with beautiful hearts.

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