How to prepare for admissions during COVID era in lockdown

Admission process for schools has fairly remained the same over the years. But the current situation has forced the education institutions to bring a much-needed change into this process.

The admission process has many aspects to it, accepting application forms, sharing information brochures, interviews with parents and kids, admission list announcement, accepting fees. It is not easy as it sounds; it has many other intricate procedures that are done at school.

Admissions post (during) COVID, schools need to look at technology so all of these process can be done from wherever they are. It should simplify the amount of work and time taken to complete admission process.

Here we have compiled a set of pointers to help the schools simplify the online admissions process during lock down and social distancing.

We will breakdown the admission procedure to follow in COVID era into different steps and try to give suggestions for all through this article.

Reaching out to parents

The first step of admission process is finding the children and parent who are looking for admissions in the school. Education Institutions earlier opted for many offline activities, and events organized at school so parents could see the campus and get the feel of school. Since it is not possible in the current situation, here are some alternatives you can choose to contact parents.

1. Social media

Social media easily is one of the best platforms to reach out to schools. Millions of parents use different social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and parents are much closer than ever. 

As an education institution keep your social media profiles active, update photos video or any other information that you want parents to know about you.

However, not all is hunky dory here. As easy as it might sound, it comes with many challenges. There are millions of people using social media. But, how do you reach parents who are looking for schools in your area? How do you reach right audience?

However, it is always best to keep your social media profiles active and information loaded into it.

2. Online Paid Marketing

There were some unanswered questions in the previous section. How do you reach right audience? The answer is Paid Marketing. Almost all the social media platforms offer paid marketing, where you could advertise your school. This could guarantee to reach out to a wide audience. You could choose many intricate details like, age, gender, areas of interest, social interest, work, designation country, city, area and lot more.

The challenge in this is, you need a tech team who understand the tools and work with it. They should also know the new and emerging marketing trends and how to make use of these to reach out to right people that the schools set out to target.

To do all of these it comes with a cost, customer acquisition through digital marketing paid methods is at all time high and it does not always give you desired results. You will definitely reach out to large audience, but are they parents looking for admissions in schools?  Check your return on investment. Check how much are you spending to get that one admission. And be sure to plan admission strategy for school.

3. Webinars/Counseling sessions

Another proven method of attracting visitor to your school is by video marketing. There are lot of subjects that parents and students need more information on. Education institutions have lot of resources and well-trained teachers who could answer these.

At this time, it is best to make use of technology and use the resources that you have at school by organizing a webinar session and help parents. Get Parents interested in this and show them the capabilities of schools, management, and teachers. You could also use existing parents and students to talk about the school.

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Online Admission process

The next step is admission process. So once you find the parents and the child looking for school, the next step is to send them application form, brochures, collect documents.

In social distancing times, it is not advised to meet up anyone so the whole process has to be online. Fortunately, digital tools or apps have made process simpler and easier for schools.

Email, Google drive, Google forms, Drop box, Office 360 many other applications make this process extremely easy, saves lot of time and paper.

1. Online Student Counseling and Admission Confirmation.

After collecting all the necessary information and documents, it is time to call parents for interview. A virtual interview is as effective as face 2 face one. Use online video conferencing platforms like Jio Meet, Zoom, Google hangouts to organize online interview with parents, principal, teachers sitting right at home. Talk about convenience!

Once the online interview process is done, the next process is admission list announcement. This is connected with the online admission process; you could use the same set of tools to communicate with parents.

A drop box,google drive email, phone call, will help you with this process.

2. Online fee management

The final and important step in the online admission process is the fee collection. There are many different ways an education institutions can ease up this process for both the schools and parents.

  1. Setting up a payment gateway in your website
  2. Using an ERP module which has payment module
  3. Use wallets, PhonePe, Google pay, are some of the popular ones.

Today’s time more than ever, calls for technology adaptation. Thankfully technology is readily available, reliable, and easy. Zedua is one such platform, which is the perfect answer to how to prepare for admission during COVID-19.

Zedua – Simplifying online admission process

Zedua is a school discovery platform. Parents visit Zedua to find the school in their areas, filter with the options and compare with schools and decide on a particular school.

Zedua is also a social media platform for school. Zedua gives back end access to the schools to maintain their page. By adding photos, videos, admission details schools can keep the parents informed and interested.

Once decided parents ‘Apply for admission’, giving out the basic details and this inquiry reaches the school. The schools with their dashboard access at Zedua, ask for further details which will be shared by parents. Once finalized, parents can the pay the fees right here, with lowest transaction fees. All in one platform at Zeduaan – Know how Zedua can help schools to increase admissions.


Sure, we are amidst a pandemic. Sure it has come with lot of challenges. But, we humans can adapt. We are in 21st century digital era, where connectivity is least of the problems. Make use of technology for its easy and so convenient.

Let us all join together to work on bigger problems like humanity, love, mental health which definitely needs lot more attention and nurturing.

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