Importance of Choosing the Right School for Your Children

No parent can ever deny the importance of choosing the right school for their children. In fact, I was fortunate that my parents got me admitted to one of the topmost schools at the time in this sprawling metropolis, despite all odds such as distance and their own hectic work schedules. Indeed, few people knew about my school. And this was my motivation to choose the right school for my children too, as a parent.

But that was several years ago.

Harsh Realities of Schools Today

Most parents prefer prestige over practicality. They falsely believe admitting their child to an expensive school is prestigious. And the child would excel at studies. That’s a myth I’m about to bust.

Unfortunately, the majority of schools in India nowadays focus more on the commercialization of education. In fact, several schools charge exorbitant fees and make tall claims even though the quality of learning remains dismal. They project it’s prestige in the market through ads and publicity campaigns.

Furthermore, some expensive schools that boast world-class curriculum needn’t be the best. Lot of them are merely money-spinning institutions for their owners. Parents wanting to provide superior quality education fall prey to their advertisements and glossy brochures that depict dapper students, qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities a school.

However, the harsh reality is far different from what you might see on that attractive brochure or prospectus.

What Happens Next

Consequently, parents become unwitting victims to such blatant frauds perpetrated by some schools while their children end up with poor quality education.

The cascade effect: parents spend more on sending their children to coaching classes that thrive due to the inherent weaknesses of school faculty.

Obviously, no parent wishes their child to lag at studies. Hence, they’re forced to cough up more fees on coaching classes to ensure their child scores high at school exams.

In view of this plight, you’ll clearly understand the importance of choosing the right school for your children & how Zedua can help in it

Importance of Choosing Right School

Therefore, here’re strong reasons that highlight the importance of choosing the right school for your children. Because schools lay the foundation that decides the future, career and overall success in life.

Location of the School

The location of the school is the first important factor to consider while choosing the right school for your children. Traffic snarls and long commutes cause unnecessary stress and physical exhaustion. Consequently, they’ll encounter difficulties in focusing on lessons. Therefore, find a school that’s nearer to home and involves short commutes by school bus, own vehicle or public transport. There’s no point in getting your child admission at a distant school unless there’re no other options within your area.

General Knowledge Education

This is my personal observation: the quality of general knowledge students learn at school is pathetic. A lot of students remain grossly unaware of basic general knowledge. Inability to qualify and participate at prestigious and large inter-school and international quiz contests is a clear indication of this colossal failure. Remember, general knowledge is vital if your child wants to appear for any major entrance exam for their career. Hence, parents need to check the level of general knowledge that schools impart.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the overall education of your child. Hence, it’s important to select the right school for your children depending upon the nature of extracurricular activities they conduct. Again, most parents look for prestigious extracurricular activities such as horse riding, boating, rafting and others. Ask yourself the question: is your child capable of pursuing these extracurricular activities at a later stage of life and their relevance. Instead, opt for schools where extracurricular activities focus on developing vital life-skills over prestige.

Learning v/s Mugging Up

Mugging up means memorizing a subject without learning its content. Most schools encourage mugging up because it can help students score high at exams. This is an extremely dangerous and unhealthy practice. Your child might score high marks but will lack the skills necessary to succeed at tough competitive exams or make a career. This is clearly visible among the majority of students I meet occasionally. They don’t know much about a subject yet score high marks, much to the delight of parents that wish to show off test and exam report cards. Ignore things such as “passing rate” or “success rate” and percentage of marks of students that schools boast about. In all probabilities, such schools would be encouraging mugging up over learning.


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Prestige over Practicality

This might surprise you. I’ve come across students from humble, government-run schools that know a subject better, possess excellent etiquette and exhibit a high sense of citizenry and responsibility. While those from certain high-end schools pathetically lag in these fields. You might baulk at sending your child to such government-run schools where children from economically weaker students attend. But their quality of instruction in every aspect is better than those of high-end and expensive schools.

Comfort Level of Your Children

A school where your children feel comfortable with peers and faculty is the best one. Because it fosters better learning and a sense of camaraderie. Studying at schools that don’t focus on prestige teaches your child the vital sense of acceptance of others and instils a sense of appreciation for what they have. In stark contrast, high-end schools usually leave a student with some degree of inferiority complex. You could be affluent but there’re definitely others that are wealthier. And some parents use their kids as pawns to flaunt their wealth. As a result, you might not be able to provide the same benefits to your child and that can scar them lifelong with an inferiority complex and resentment towards parents.

In Conclusion

Through these few examples, I’ve highlighted the importance of choosing the right school for your children. Understandably, you might find some of my concepts and ideas unacceptable, so in this case, Zedua can help you out. If that’s the case, ask yourself how you wish to see your child as an adult. Furthermore, you can search over 1.6 million schools across India on Zedua. Once registered, you can compare, read reviews and select the best from the lot for your child. In conclusion, I’ll emphasize I’m not against expensive or prestigious schools. But I strongly oppose organizations that utilize schools and money-spinners by commercializing education in a manner that borders on daylight robbery.


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