Importance of Humanity & 3 Practical Ways to Teach your Kids.

We teach our children to speak, walk, ride a bicycle, learn and earn a living. We teach them traditions and the different cultures but why do we lag in teaching the importance of humanity? Why don’t we teach them to be kind to themselves and others? Isn’t the feeling of being humane towards others beyond any divisions the greatest value of all?

With the rising game of internet, children are getting exposed to both sides of the world from an early age. They are unshielded from the glamour and also trolls the social media brings with it. They understand the love and question the hatred that is spreading throughout the world. No matter what you do, their minds are undefended from the violence and inhumanity around them. Thus, home is the place where the value of humanity should bloom around the child to help him or her ready to face the challenges of the outer world with courage and kindness.

“I think that a child’s mind is like a blank book. During the first years of his life, much will be written on the pages. The quality of the writing will affect his life profoundly.” – Walt Disney

True that!

This is how a child’s mind is and if we teach them the value of compassion towards his or her fellow beings, then the seed sown at the right time will certainly bear sweet fruits.

This International Human Rights Day, let’s look at some practical solutions of how can you instill humanity in kids since their childhood.

1. Gift Them a Plant or a Pet

gift trees to children

Instead of segregating the gifts – dolls for girls and cars for boys, give a gift that instills kindness in them along with a sense of responsibility. Give them a pet and if not possible a plant that they have completely take care of. This certainly will inculcate the value of care, kindness, responsibility and they’ll the importance of humanity on their own instead of being advised or lectured upon.

2. Ask Them to Help You Out

Ways to Teach humanity for Kids


Involve them in your day-to-day chores making every activity fun and interactive but also making them understand the importance of the work they are doing, howsoever small it is. From cleaning to kitchen responsibilities, let the child know that by helping, he or she is playing an important role in taking some burden off the parents. This helps them understand that a small contribution as in a small act of kindness has profound effects. Also with this habit of helping around, they’ll never take any person for granted.

3. Be an Example in Front of Them

Be a role model for kids

Children are great imitators. They’ll be compassionate if you are, otherwise even if you give them lectures of being kind, the advice will fall on deaf ears. For instance, if they see you helping an elderly or handicapped or if you are being polite in a heated argument, they’ll repeat the same on their own when they encounter a similar situation.

Thus, these are 3 simple and practical ways to help you teach your child the importance of humanity. You can start implementing them right now. We understand that parenting is not an easy job, certainly not. But these tips and tricks can help teaching humanity for kids to grow with good values and pass on the same in society further.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman

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