Importance of Technology in Education-Children of the internet-age

Importance of  Technology in Education Importance of Technology in Education, Technology and education, Children of the internet-age, Education and technology

There was a time when communities lived in isolation and the word ‘schooling’ meant learning and nothing more. Since then, things have changed, and continue to change at breakneck speed. In a considerable number of schools, traditional black-boards are being replaced with projector screens, pens and books with smartphones and iPads. Technology has caused a sea change and redefined the meaning of every aspect of life, to which, education has been no exception.

Research has demonstrated that interactive teaching methods are successful in training young minds to develop an increased eagerness and curiosity for learning as compared to one-way-instructional methods. Multiple visual aids and app-based platforms have emerged to provide impetus to conceptual learning, that, in a healthy change of trends, is garnering more attention than memory-based learning systems.

Consider apps that explain the evolution of any species: with changing timelines and a corresponding change in physical features of any animal, that surely helps children understand the process better. Doesn’t it?

24*7 Access to information: Overcoming the time-hurdle

The most significant of benefits that technology brings is its time-independent nature. If a student wants to look upon a particular derivation of formula as previously explained, he can find it on his smartphone, at any time of the day.

Moreover, the use of the internet can help parents spend quality time with children and teach their kids, at any time of the day. This comes in handy, considering the packed, stressful schedules of parents, which is a result of corporate demands. Also, parents can be informed about students’ progress through a custom-platform designed by a school.

One-size-fits-all approach: Technology to the rescue

Over years, conventional education systems have had to play catch up, owing to the normalization of the one-size-fits-all approach as a necessary evil. The advent of the internet has come to mean that parents who believe that their children have diverse interests, or that they are slow learners, can heave a sigh of relief.

If a child wants to relearn, revisit a specific subject that the child had problems understanding, round-the-clock nature of information access is of great help. Also, it provides for one-to-one interaction with the teacher, through a digital platform, making the social anxiety of the child stay at bay.

The digital revolution: Preparedness for the professional world

It is safe to say, we live in a digital world. Every profession has a digital connection to it, and most business verticals are driven by a necessity to register a strong presence in the digital sphere. In such a situation, it is imperative that children are acquainted with this avenue and that their skill-set includes a thorough understanding and the ability to ethically manoeuvre the digital world.

The Internet can be used as a tool to create among kids enthusiasm for learning, a quest for knowledge, keen interest in being part of communities, and real-time analysis of real-world issues. This will foster a learning temperament suited to develop values, knowledge and reason, in cohesion.

While technology can seem to disrupt the age-old routines, responsible use, with adequate and timely guidance by the elderly can eliminate the risk of irresponsible and overuse, and in fact, help mine the benefits of technology to the fullest.

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