Janmashtami – If Krishna was alive today

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to re-establish dharma”– Beliefnet’s inspirational quotes

Sometimes I wonder, if Krishna, who was a friend, a devotee of love, a leader, a harbinger, and a wise man, was alive today; what would have happened? Certainly, he would have updated to the contemporary world right? He would have posted his pictures on Instagram, updated his Facebook profile regularly, and would have discussed all political issues via Twitter and to reach all his devotees, he would have mailed all his actions to them via Gmail where they would be present in his CC list. Instead of going around Yashoda for Makhan(butter), he would have wanted mayonnaise and got a billion likes by his fans on his Instagram postings.

On the other side, we would have also seen him standing by all women in need as he rescued Draupadi from the manhandling by the Kauravas. But one thing that would have never changed would be his friendship with Sudama, he would still share the same bond of friendship with him, because his heart was unadulterated enough to do this. Krishna has always loved all his devotees; he has always supported purity and truth. He had his own style of communication and leadership. The best part about him was that he believed in democracy.

Democracy in that time? Yes, for every small or big decision he wanted everyone to stamp, either ‘approved’ or ‘disapproved’ and one who disapproved the decision would be discarded. Krishna, in today’s world, would be addressing each problem with a perfect strategic resolution. He was an ocean of knowledge and his knowledge would have helped this world to win ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ for sure. He would be an ideal student knowing everything without the aid of Google. Our grandparents and parents are also from another generation (not Krishna’s generation for sure) but they have easily adapted to every new method. Here, politics is not actually deciding the country’s future, it has become a ‘video game’, a play. True political, social and economic power will come to the world only if Krishna, having a heart of gold, being an adviser, a great friend, a respecting person, and a courageous man would come and recreate this world with a new aim of life. As they approach me, I receive them.

All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.

I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation.


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