Amaranth Chutney – Healthy Recipe for Summer

Amaranth is a cosmopolitan genus of annual or short-lived perennial plants. Some amaranth species are cultivated as leaf vegetables, pseudocereals, and ornamental plants. Most of the Amaranthus species are summer annual weeds and are commonly referred to as pigweed. Here is an easy Amaranth  Chutney – Healthy Recipe for Summer.

Saag, the Indian moniker for green leafy vegetables, forms an integral part of various regional cuisines in the country. Loaded with vitamins and essential minerals, it is the best way of fueling up on the season’s best offerings. While palak (spinach), methi(fenugreek), hari piyaj (spring onions) et al top the popularity chart, there are a few that stay far away from the spotlight but are as nutritious and flavourful. A perfect case in point – amaranth leaves (chaulai).

Since it is high in press substance and dietary fibre, it is useful for sickly patients and decreases cholesterol and dangers of cardiovascular maladies. The nearness of a basic amino acid called lysine alongside different components are said to help battle against free radicals that bring about maturing or the development of threatening cells. Here we are presenting a healthy recipe made with Amaranth leaves, i.e Amaranth Chutney – Healthy Recipe for Summer.

Amaranth  Chutney:


  • amaranth-120gms
  • onion-30gms
  • green chillies-4gms
  • tamarind/green mango-4 gms
  • oil(optional)-5 gms
  • salt- to taste
  • coconut(optional)
  • jaggery-5 gms

Method of Preparation:

  • In a kadai add oil, saute all the above-mentioned ingredients.

Amaranth Chutney

  • Grind it into a paste.

Amaranth Chutney

  • The chutney can be seasoned with a little oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves.

Nutritive Value:




Nutritional Benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation.
  • Bone Health.
  • Lowers Cholesterol.
  • Aids Digestive System.
  • Fights Diabetes.
  • It’s Gluten-Free.

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