Crispy Corn Recipe | Healthy and Tasty Kids Recipe

When you bring home delicious Sweet Corn, you’re also bringing home a healthy, whole grain. This popular vegetable is high in fibre and low in fat. It’s a great source of essential nutrients and there are only about 80 Calories. Sweet corn also contains two important carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin relatives of vitamin A, that support eye health and may even have other disease-preventing properties.  This Indian Crispy Corn Recipe you can make at home.


   Sweet Corn – 1 Cup

   Corn Flour – 5TBSP

   Salt – Pinch

   Red Chilli Powder – Pinch

   Chat Masala – ½TBSP

   Oil – 2TBSP

   Chopped Spring Onions – 1TBSP


      1. Take one bowl of sweet corn.

Sweet Corn - Crispy Corn Recipe

      2. Boil sweet corn for 2-3 minutes.

Boiling sweet corn - Crispy Corn Recipe

     3. Drain water from sweet corn and keep it aside.

Draining water - Crispy Corn Recipe

     4. Add salt, red chilli powder, chat masala and corn flour to that boiled sweet corn.

Mixing corn flour - Crispy Corn Recipe

     5. Deep fry the marinated sweet corn (Step 4) in oil.

frying in oil - Crispy Corn Recipe

     6. Take that it one bowl and keep it aside.

Crispy Corn Recipe

    7. Take 2TBSP oil in a pan after heating oil and adds these fried corns to that pan.

Crispy Corn Recipe

    8. Stir it just for 2min and add chopped spring onions to that.

    9. Yummy.!! Crispy Corn fry is ready.


  • High in fibre
  • Low fat
  • Carotenoids: lutein & zeaxanthin
  • 80 Calories


         – Lowers Cholesterol

       – Improves Vision

       – Boosts Energy

       – Prevents Diabetes

       – Helps in Digestion

         – During Pregnancy

Hope you found this Crispy Corn Recipe | Healthy and Tasty Kids Recipe  is easy to make. Try this recipe at your home and let us know your opinion in the comment Section. To know more exciting Kids Recipes, Please visit our Zedua Website..

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  1. srin

    I like sweetcorn very much! this recipe is very good and it is very very tasty. Simple recipe to prepare for kids.

  2. Taniya

    When I visited restaurants I’ll order crispy corn because I don’t know the procedure of this recipe, but after seeing this recipe it is very simple and tasty! Thank you for providing such a wonderful recipe.

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