Healthy and Nutritious Food Recipes for kids

Healthy Food for kids

Kids are at the development stage of life when they are constantly growing and gaining new knowledge as well as going through a learning phase. During this phase, they must have a well-balanced diet and healthy food for their proper growth. A well-balanced diet for children offers appropriate nutritional values to them along with essential minerals and vitamins. These are vital for proper growth and healthy development of the children. While balanced nutrition provides the energy, the vitamins and minerals help in the right functioning of the bodies and fight against germs.

Kids must have four servings of chicken or meat per week along with two or more fish portions of which one should be the oily variety such as salmon, sardines or tuna. Other protein sources like eggs and cheese should also be included for their breakfast.

The problem with children is that they are well-known for their picky eating habits. It is not easy to make them eat the healthy food that will help them to remain active. It often becomes a difficult task altogether to make them enjoy eating the right foods for kids, regardless of how great your intentions are. They usually develop some natural fondness for certain foods that they enjoy having the most. Thus, the real challenge is to make your healthy dishes appealing to them.

Here are some Healthy and Nutritious Food Recipes for kids:

Lentil-Mushroom Burgers

Lentil Mushroom Burger

Make the burger patties using mushrooms while hiding some lentils sneaked inside. You will watch them disappear once placed between two whole wheat buns.

Smoothie with Kiwi Fruit and Melon

Healthy food

Blend healthy fruits like grapes, Kiwi, melon, and papaya with honey, milk, and oats to get a mouthwatering and refreshing smoothie. It can serve a good breakfast as well as in between meals.

Multigrain Pizza

Healthy food zedua

Just use a healthy multigrain pizza base with fresh pesto sauce and some healthy toppings instead of the regular base, artificial sauce, and toppings.

Whole Wheat Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

Healthy food

Your children will love to have homemade pasta served with some creamy mushroom sauce and vegetable purees. 

Spinach Soup with Chicken Balls

Healthy food

Make a soup using bean sprouts, crumbled chicken cubes, garlic, mushrooms, spinach leaves and spring onion greens. It will serve as a healthy and wholesome dish with the super delicious taste.

Banana-Coconut Fritters

Healthy food

Marinate bananas with sea salt and lemon. Then coat it with breadcrumbs and coconut flakes. Bake the whole thing and serve with honey poured over it. Your kids will finish it in seconds for sure.

In no time this healthy food will become your children’s favourite food and some mix-n-match of items to avoid the boredom of the same food can be really beneficial. You can prepare the healthy food for kids with minimum efforts as well.

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