Muskmelon Juice | Healthy & Refreshing Summer Drink

Muskmelon Juice:

Muskmelons are a powerhouse of health, they are loaded with so many nutrients. They are abundantly available in the summers and have a super high percentage of water content in them making them cooling and hydrating. So as the summer approaches, know why you should eat more muskmelons. They not only have a delicious aroma but they also taste amazing. Their seeds contain many health benefits as well.



Sugar 3TBSP (or) Honey

Milk half cup


1. First, remove seeds from the muskmelon.
Muskmelon Juice

2. After that peal the muskmelon.
Muskmelon Juice

3. Take one cup of chopped muskmelon into pieces.
Muskmelon Juice

4. Take juice jar and add muskmelon pieces, sugar and milk to that jar.
Muskmelon Juice

5. Add water if necessary, and grind it.

6. Yummyy..!! Muskmelon Juice is ready.

Nutrition Facts:

• Calories: 53

• Fat: 0 g

• Saturated Fat: N/A

• Cholesterol: 0 mg (ZERO again!)

• Carbohydrate: 12 g

• Protein: 1 g

• Dietary Fiber: 1 g

• Sodium: 23 mg

• Vitamin A: 5,276 IU

• Folic Acid: 33 micrograms

• Niacin: 1 mg

• Vitamin B6: <1 mg

• Vitamin C: 57 mg

• Calcium: 14 mg

• Magnesium: 19 mg

• Potassium: 417 mg

• Carotenoids: 3,219 micrograms

Health Benefits:

  • Controls blood pressure

  • Strengthens eyes

  • Helps in weight loss

  • Helps control diabetes

  • Low on cholesterol

  • Boosts immunity

  • Treats ulcers

  • Relieves constipation

  • Prevents kidney stones

  • Helps during pregnancy

  • Cures sleeping disorder

  • Eases menstrual cramps

  • Prevents risk of cancer

  • Prevents heart diseases

This Muskmelon Juice is best when we will have in sunny hours. Kids will enjoy this juice more.

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