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My daughter is super active. This means she is always hungry. If I don’t provide her with healthy options to eat, she is sure to be seen hogging on junk food.

So, I always keep boiled potato, cut onions and few markets bought chutneys. When you are pressed for time, this cornflakes chana chaat recipe can be your saviour.

Recipe: Cornflakes Chana Chaat Recipe


1 cup – plain cornflakes

½ cup – curd

½ onion, finely chopped

½ boiled potato, diced

¼ cup – boiled chana (optional)

½ cucumber finely chopped

1 tsp – cumin seed powder

1 tsp – green chutney

1 tbsp – tamarind chutney


Step 1:

Take curd and whisk it to make it fine and lump free. Add jeera powder and salt (to taste), and mix.

Step 2:

In a bowl, mix cornflakes, onion, potato, cucumber and chana (optional).

Step 3:

Add both the chutneys and mix.

Step 4:

Add curd at the last and mix.

Cornflakes Chana chaat recipe is sure to curb hunger for a few hours. And, what is better than making your own healthy cornflakes chaat at home?

The nutritional value of this Cornflakes Chaat recipe is:

Nos Ingredients Nutritional Value
1 Cornflakes Corn flakes are a great source of vitamins, dietary fibre and proteins, thus helping in a healthy digestive system and muscle building. It is also a good source of folate which helps in the formation of new cells. It is also a good source of thiamine that helps in energy production and better cognitive functions.
2 Potato Potato is low in sodium and cholesterol, making it good for the heart. It is nearly half of your daily dose of vitamin C. It is also energy packed, giving enough energy to fuel your body throughout the day.


This recipe is best when we will have evening time for snacks. Kids will enjoy this recipe more.

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