Crispy Potato Spinach Cutlet | Kids Recipe

Crispy Potato Spinach Cutlet is ideal as a healthy tea-time snack, lunchbox menu or after school snack.

The nourishment of spinach and goodness of fried food will surely curb hunger for a few hours.

Recipe: Crispy Potato Spinach Cutlet


1 bunch – spinach

1 Tbsp – Jeera

1-2 – green chillies

1 inch – ginger

½ – chopped onion

1 tsp = garam masala

1 tsp – lemon juice

3 or 4 – boiled potato

1 cup – breadcrumbs

1 – egg

Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1:

Put the washed spinach in the grinder or chop finely using a knife.

Step 2:

Mash the boiled potatoes.  

Step 3:

In a pan, heat 1 tbsp of oil. Put jeera and let it crackle.

Step 4:

Add chopped onions, ginger and green chillies. Stir for a few seconds.

Step 5:

Add mashed potatoes and mix well. Cook on low flame for 3-4 mins. Stir from time-to-time. Switch off the flame and let it cool.

Step 6:

Once it is cool, take a small portion and give it a shape of a ball or an oval. Use all the mixture to create oval or round shaped potato and spinach cutlets.

Step 7:

Dip the cutlet into the beaten egg and then roll it in breadcrumbs before putting it in the frying oil.

Deep fry the cutlets.

This easy spinach cutlets recipe can be used to make cutlets in bulk. You can refrigerate the bread crusted cutlets and whenever hunger strikes, you can deep fry them. Try this veg spinach cutlet recipe and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

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The nutritional value of this Spinach Cutlet recipe is:



Nutritive Value for Children


It contains flavonoids which have anti-cancer properties. It also helps in weight reduction as it is low in calories and fat. It helps in having better eye health. Since it is rich in vitamin K it is vital for maintaining bone health. It also promotes good digestion and better brain and nerve function.


Potato is low in sodium and cholesterol, making it good for the heart. It is nearly half of your daily dose of vitamin C. It is also energy packed, giving enough energy to fuel your body throughout the day.


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