List of Things You Can do During the Janata Curfew

What do you do when you hit the start button of your laptop these days?

Don’t your first Google ‘Coronavirus updates’ before even opening your email inbox?

I am sure you do because this global crisis has spread its gloomy skies all over the world. It is important to stay updated for sure. But it is also important to stay responsible.

In the wake of this pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the entire nation on March 19, 2020, with an appeal to stay safe at home and be a responsible citizen during this catastrophe. He appealed to the citizens of this nation to observe Janata Curfew on Sunday that is March 22, 2020.

Let’s first understand,

What is Janata Curfew?

Janata Curfew is to be observed on March 22, 2020, by all the citizens of India as said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 30 minutes videos addressed to the nation on March 19. As per the news report of NDTV India, it is a test run for social distancing to contain the spread of the virus across the country.  There is also a possibility of extending this curfew for coronavirus more than just a day in order to contain its spread in the country.

It is a reality that no vaccines have been found to counteract the novel Coronavirus yet and therefore we must stay healthy and positive to overcome this global crisis. The Prime Minister appealed to the people of India to understand the importance of determination and restraint through social distancing and take the responsibility to help curb the spread of this disease.

janata curfew 22nd Sunday

source – Times Of India(TOI)

He has also urged people to spread the message and the Janata Curfew meaning as much as possible and request people to become more aware about the spread and avoid meeting in large groups.

So, we have to stay at home and support the Janata Curfew on March 22, 2020, and do our part as a responsible citizen of this country as well as the world.

What can you do during Janata Curfew?

As mentioned earlier, nowadays our days start with the coronavirus news followed by the heaps of memes on the internet and end with the same discussion. This has certainly made the days gloomy and staying at home gets lethargic and boring. Moreover, human beings are social animals and outdoor plans on weekends have become a sort of a routine, isn’t it?

But we also have to understand the seriousness of this crisis and how important it is for every individual to acknowledge the importance of his and her contribution to contain the spread. It is not only the Government’s job and that of the medical representatives to reduce the havoc created by this pandemic.

Here we have the list of things to do and schedule you can follow during the lockdown:


(1) Yoga

Start your day with Yoga. Yoga is one of the best exercises to increase immunity. This is a great opportunity to start this good practice and also encourage your family members about the same. Furthermore, yoga is good to keep the mental stress at bay keeping into account the amount of stress and fear this disease is bringing in.

Yoga poses such as Forward Fold, the Fish Pose and Pranayama are proven to increase the line of the defense of our body.

(2) Family That Cooks Together – Stays Together.

The world has become fast-paced and nobody has time to even eat properly leave alone those long talks and family get-togethers. Use this opportunity of lockdown to spend time with your family. Why not plan a big fat breakfast time with your family this weekend?

Plan a nice menu for breakfast and cook together. As I said earlier, the family that cooks together stays together.


(1) Movie and Lunch – At Home.

Break the routine of going to the mall for a movie and lunch this weekend. Give it a break. Put on some nice old movie everyone likes with some simple home-cooked lunch and enjoy this nice cozy time with your loved ones. We know your childhood memories will come rushing back and your kids will knit those memories themselves. 

Moreover, due to this pandemic, kids would be completely confused and scared at the same time so a good family time can certainly perk up their mood away from the negative atmosphere outside.

(2)Board Games and Fun!

Where has the 90s fun of playing cards in the afternoon gone in this time of Instagram? I am sure all the 90s kids will relate to this. Summer vacations used to be so much fun due to the board games, isn’t it? How can this lockdown seem boring when you can play cards, carom, scrabble, snakes and ladder with your kids and family?Certainly, it will be super fun. I bet!

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High Tea – At Home.

Chai is always at the rescue in any situation. How many of you agree? Make chai, tea of your choice or a hot cup of filter coffee, the menu is yours. Enjoy this tea time with your family and munch on those tea-time snacks as much as you want. Guys, it’s a cheat day after all!

I am sure you must have stacked hoards of snacks the moment work from home was announced, haven’t you?


 Late Night Coffee and Maggie – With Family!

We are so engrossed in our career, making money, fulfilling all the materialistic needs that we forget to ponder upon our own lives or even talk to our loved ones. Every evening after work goes into thinking about what happened at work and what will happen tomorrow. Use this time of the lockdown to connect with your family members. What can make the connection better than a cup of coffee and Maggie?

Have those heart-to-heart discussions, ask each other about their lives and laugh as you never have. Connect with your loved ones and let’s brings something positive out of this lockdown.

Learning to find the ray of hope ourselves during difficult times is defined as life. These are the troubled times and we need to be patient, determined and positive to overcome this crisis. Show your support to the Janata Curfew and use this time to inculcate the most important human values – determination and patience.

Stay safe everyone!


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