Lockdown, Positivity and Lighting the Candles on April 5!

‘Coronavirus – The deadliest face of the year 2020!’

The entire world is under quarantine with more than 10 lakh people in the clutches of the virus worldwide. The internet is flooding with news every hour as we see the count increasing along with the fear attached to it. The health care professionals are working relentlessly all around the world to help the people affected.

World wide corona updates…

The security personnel are trying their best to avoid people coming on the streets and make them aware of the importance of social distancing.  On the other hand, the food delivery agents are working like the superheroes in order to deliver food safely to the people even amidst this crisis.

And what are we doing?

Whining about boredom?

Life is all about overcoming the challenges and finding a solution, one way or the other. The strongest instinct of human beings is to survive, then why are we letting the despair of boredom affect our fight against this virus? 

A point to ponder, isn’t it?

C’mon, let’s bring in some good cheer!

Instead of waiting for a ray of hope, let’s become those rays ourselves to bring in the light of positivity in our darkest hour. Howsoever the small actions are, we need to keep the hope in our abilities alive amidst this crisis.

Following are a few important pointers – Things you can do to stay home and stay optimistic and cheerful.

1. Spread smiles over social media.

Let your social media talk about keeping your spirits high than a series of posts that make boredom viral.

2. Let the conversation bloom to strengthen relationships.

Call your loved ones and talk to them about things that matter. Share the innermost feeling and take a chance to reflect on our actions. Don’t gossip over how the lock down has brought life to a standstill.

3. Distribute the housework.

The corona virus lock down has given the luxury of staying at home but has also increased the housework for sure. It is important that every member of the family takes his or her share of work throughout the day so that one member of the family isn’t over-burdened. This will certainly keep a happy environment around the house.

4. Increase your patience.

Quarantine is a work of patience. You will agree with me on this. Improve your patience as it is one of the most critical human values you should have during this crisis.

5. Lighting the candles on April 5, 2020.

On the morning of April 3, 2020, at 9 am Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation regarding this catastrophe. During his speech, he requested the people to move towards the light of hope from the darkness this virus has brought over the world.

He suggested an activity to all the citizens to switch off the lights on April 5, 2020, at 9 pm for 9 minutes and light candles, mobile flashlights and show support by coming in the balcony of their respective houses.

The intention behind lighting candles on April 5 is to invoke the sense of unity around you and imbibe the feeling that you are not alone in this battle. Even though we are practicing corona lock down social distancing, this activity will make you feel the mental support of the people around you.

It will bring some hope and optimism in people to stretch their patience a little more as the country fights to break the chain of this deadly virus.

Corona Updates India…

Show your support as India lights candles on the night of April 5, 2020 at 9 pm for 9 minutes. Let’s have faith in the survival instinct of our species and be an example for the future generations. Also, this activity is to be carried from your respective homes and not in mobs and groups.

Maintain a safe social distance.

Stay safe. Stay at home.


Fun Contest Alert!!  To Keep kids Active in this lock down….

make from waste contest

We know that when routine comes to a standstill boredom creeps in. Also, all the parents must be concerned about their child’s productivity during this lock down. So here we have a fun contest for kids to participate from home –


For kids from 8-12 years, a chance to win exciting prizes!

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