This Mother’s Day, Let’s Celebrate Love and Gratitude

          “Life Began waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

– George Eliotmother's day

Mother is nature’s greatest epitome of selfless love, commitment and devotion. Words can only go so far in capturing the essence of the mother-child relationship. Many great luminaries, including the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Victor Hugo among others have said that whatever they were, they owe it to their mother.

This Mother’s Day, let’s keep aside all the regrets. Let’s resolve to remember with gratitude the efforts of our mother in making us what we are.

If we ask this question,

Why do mothers make it a point to ensure the happiness of children?

We can say it’s innate to motherhood. We can call it the law of nature. But what we often overlook is the happiness they derive from the laughter and contentment of a child.

The efforts they take to make sure of the child’s well-being is probably the only untainted love we experience.

In this regard, we can imagine why the ancient texts referred to the mother as a god. Precisely why, the phrase-a mother is the child’s first teacher is universally true. What we begin to learn, we learn by imitating our mother.

No wonder, mothers are first to spot the slightest of change in a child’s behavior. If your face holds a mirror to the mind, your mother is the first one to see the real picture. The most prominent of questions we face is ‘How do you reciprocate this motherly concern?’

The answer, in my view, is gratitude and respect. Any mathematical exchange undermines the selfless. This mother’s day express all that you felt you held back, that is probably the most affable way to honour your mother.

Let’s honour them; not repay or return. From looking at the world transactionally to recognizing how a mother is beyond the walls of a demanding world, we have come a long way, haven’t we? This mother’s day step back, look back, remember and respect. For a mother is the greatest gift of nature, treasure her with love and respect.

Now just one last question,

What do you think is the most proud moment for a mother?

Umm…I would say when someone acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and achievement of her little child. And we all know the fact that behind every successful child lies the encouragement and inspiration of his or her mom.

We at Zedua want to salute all the super moms out there and as a tribute, this Mother’s Day we thought of making it even more special.

A big shout out to all the mothers out there as Zedua presents,


my mother my idol


Participate today as we give you a chance to showcase your child’s achievement on Zedua’s biggest talent platform and tell the world how much of a proud mother you are. There’s more, along with posting your kid’s achievements you can share with us your story of how have you inspired your kid.

C’mon share with us your story and let the world know how much of a proud mother you are.

You just have follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Register to
  2. Post the photos of your kid’s awards, certificates, etc. & write in 100-150 words how you have inspired your kid.
  3. Choose the relevant talent category & tag your kid’s school.

& voila!

Your kid is Zedua’s superstar and you are the super mom!

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