What is motor-skills training and why is it important?

If motor skills training is one of the most important parts of a child’s development, why then that do so many experts say it’s one of the most neglected areas?

Motor development is a term used to describe the complex processes that occur during childhood and adolescence that affect your child’s ability to move. It involves physical activities such as walking and sports that improve muscles, coordination, muscle tone, balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and range of motion. Motor development also relates to how well nerve cells work together to let your child’s body move in a smooth, coordinated fashion.
This is why it’s important to provide activities and environments that require movement, thinking, and skills that develop better physical-motor abilities. In order to aid your child in acquiring the skills they need to move better, it is important to provide them with activities and surroundings that require the aforementioned movements and senses.
Motor-skills training is an effective way to achieve this. By utilizing everyday objects, you’ll be teaching your child valuable skills that will give them an added advantage.
Teach & enhance Motor skills in the following ways:


Playdough is a great way to keep children active while they are also building up valuable skills. Children of all ages can benefit from the tactile play of making their own play dough, and then having fun experimenting with it in different ways! Lots of fun exercises such as making shapes and different animals help to build fine motor skills, which in turn is important for later handwriting skills. This is the sort of activity that you can get involved with your child with (making the play-dough) to make it more special for them.


The development of hand-eye coordination, which is essentially the coordination of movement between the eyes and the hands, is important during this time. Puzzles are a great way to get your toddler practicing their eye-hand coordination. Just be sure that you are doing puzzles together, and not just letting them do it on their own.

Using tongs or tweezers

If you’re looking for some fun and easy activities for kids, creating a game using tongs or tweezers is very exciting and a great experience that both parents and children will love. Tongs and tweezers can be used in a range of simple, fast-paced activities that with giving your children tons of exercise while developing coordination, strength, and balance.

Building Blogs & Lego

The construction of LEGO bricks requires fine motor skills and proper control of hands. As your child builds and even devours LEGO pieces, s/he will build stronger muscles in hands and improve coordination, which will help him/her develop better skills in holding. Stack, connect, and build things together with blocks and Lego. Lego is also great for fostering creativity. As children build and even pick up LEGO pieces they will, build stronger muscles in their hands and improve coordination, this will help them to improve with other skills, such as learning to hold a pencil and learning to write. Other skills children can learn from playing with Lego include persistence, a sense of accomplishment, and an improved ability to solve puzzles.

To me, one of the most important things a parent can do is support their child’s interests and passions.  Parents should not only buy their children toys, clothes, and school supplies but should also let them learn how to operate various machines, use tools, and learn how to read and write. Motor skills training can be done at home with some easy tools as mentioned in the blog. Motor skills training needs to be delivered consistently through a family or individual setting so as to not neglect non-contact outdoor activities.  The benefits of regular motor training far outweigh the disadvantages at any time.


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