New Year Resolutions for 2019 to Transform Your Children’s Life

New Year Resolutions for 2019

Every year brings with its arrival new hopes, wishes and aspirations. To meet these, one needs to face challenges at multiple levels and different types. And one such task is guiding children on the right path and ensuring that there is a robust foundation is laid for their future. While this requires planning, discipline and efforts, here are some New Year Resolutions for 2019 which we feel will help you in supporting your children realize the world of their dreams.

The importance of disciplineNew Year Resolutions for 2019

Often, children follow what they see. If there is a disparity in what they are told and what they see, it is highly unlikely that words make any impact on them. Therefore, it is effective if parents and elders in the house, by virtue of their actions, demonstrate to kids the importance and imperative positive effects of discipline.

Let’s say, you tell your child that waking up early is a healthy habit that has significant positive effects on their health. Would the child take your word for it or would they prefer to see parents do that?

The answer, we all know, is that seeing parents have a healthy routine has a greater chance of instilling in the child the passion to replicate the same.

Mutual respect: The stepping stone to developing an inspiring characterzedua

You reap as you sow. Everything that children come across, registers an instant impact and has a consequent lasting impact in the kind of responsible adult they eventually turn out be. Respect for fellow human beings is integral to developing a healthy professional and personal relationships.

Consider conversations between husband and wife, casual utterances among people at home and other mundane activities that involve children. In all these, what matters most is that children look out for cues that shape their worldview.

It is terrifying if they come across bigotry, zero tolerance for differences of opinion, unhealthy arguments and many such traits that can sow seeds of undesired values at a nascent stage of character building.

Empathy and kindness: Virtues for a better societyNew Year Resolutions for 2019

Children, for ages, have known to epitomize the much needed and fast disappearing virtue of empathy. Bringing it back into reckoning is a responsibility that parents and teachers can’t afford to ignore.

Parents, because of the amount of time they spend with children, have a greater onus to make an effort towards moulding empathetic individuals out of innocence.

By refusing to conflate kindness and pity, parents can set the perfect example for kids. An act as simple as helping the elderly, specially abled get from one end of the road to another or attending to someone who meets with an accident can go a long way in making your child a kind, empathetic and responsible citizen.

Children are watching you! New Year Resolutions for 2019

So, in short, here’s what we suggest. Everything that we’ve told you so far is surely something that you consider. As another year kicks off, it is a gentle reminder from Zedua that ‘Children are watching you, sometimes even when you don’t realize they are’. One action of yours, one word of yours can alter the course of their life.

Happy 2019, happy parenting.

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