How to Build a Positive Environment around Children during Exams?

As parents and teachers, it is not essential rather crucial to understand a child’s needs and mental responses during competitive and decisive times such as examinations and results. Let’s face the truth as it is, no one really ‘enjoys’ exams and finds them delightful to take part in. Exams can be termed as high-pressure events that can stress any individual irrespective of age.

It is true that the teachers and parents have equal exam stress and worked up as the students are. But in the end, students are the ones that go through this phase and to be honest, exams are more or less a reflection of their work over an entire academic period as per the education system.

Now let’s get to,

What are the major factors that contribute to the stress of the students?

  1. Scorecards – This is one of the main reasons that induce exam fever in kids. The education system in India is more inclined towards building grades and certificates rather than skills. Keeping the scorecards shiny becomes the main aim of the students even though it takes aimless mugging of the subjects. Thus, this kind of study pattern induces a lot of pressure on the children.
  2. Family and Societal Pressure – The pressure of what the society thinks including the family and teachers contribute to the fear of failure in kids. This refrains them from sharing their thoughts and fears, thus adding up to the exam tension.
  3. Competition – Competition in class is the result of the importance given to the grades. The fear of lacking at something as compared to the peers can be one of the reasons that contribute to the exam stress.

Exams fever or exam tension is natural but it should not under any circumstances be ignored if you are a parent. Here are a few tips to help you keep your kid stay mentally healthy during exams.

How to keep a positive environment at home before or during exams?

  • Don’t always mention or bring about the topic of exams and studies whenever you have a conversation with your kid. Talk on other topics which will take off his or her mind from the stress.
  • Do not scrutinize their study time. Let them follow their timetable and study according to their ability. You can supervise indirectly to see if they are facing any problem.
  • It is advisable not to shut all their social activities during exams. You can talk to them about scheduling their study and free time in an organized way during exams. Encourage them to give their best while studying and in the exam.
  • Maintain a healthy diet during exams with foods that boost brainpower.
  • Keep the environment at home as casual as every day.
  • Most importantly, understand the fact that students face a lot of stress and it is important that we support them during their vulnerable stages to avoid any mental instabilities and self-destructive behavior in the future.



Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” 

Brian Tracy


So true. We must raise our future generation in a proper environment that encourages their intellectual, physical as well as emotional development. Stay tuned here as we are coming soon with some easy stress buster activities for kids during exam time.

Happy Learning!


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