Where Do You Share Your Kid’s Achievements & Why That Matters?

Kids are always eager to tell you about their accomplishments and achievements with a genuine desire for appreciation and acknowledgement.


Be it a new word they have learned or won a singing competition at school, or aced at a school test, appreciation of the parents is the best encouragement they crave for.

I remember how my grandfather used to collect and neatly compile my certificates in a file and I cannot forget the feeling when his eyes used to fill with pride for me. When I open the file even today, I feel so good about myself. This was his gesture of telling me how proud he was of me.

Those were the days when internet was nowhere. Memories were restricted to photo albums, files, etc. and whenever guests would come, my parents used to show them my achievements and tell them how they appreciate my efforts in whatever I do. I bet this scene must be relatable, isn’t it?

It is their way of showing how proud they are of their kids. And such appreciation goes a long way in building self-esteem in the children. It also imbibes the feeling that non-academic accomplishments are as important as academic ones. Children take interest in what they are doing, put their hearts into it, and eventually find a way to follow their passion in life. Thus, positive feedback and a pat on the back is necessary every now and then to build a good foundation of self-confidence in the kids.

These days there has been a slight change in this scenario as due to the internet you see a lot of people uploading the photos of their kid’s achievements, certificates, and trophies on various social media platforms.

Now the question is,

Are the social media channels the right platform to share your kid’s achievements? Watch the video!!!

Let us look at one example here,

Imagine you are a kid and you have guests coming to your house. Your parents introduce you to the uncle and aunty and the conversation goes into your direction. Now your parents show them the trophy you just won in an inter-state state chess championship. As the aunty sees the trophy, she is not interested, she just smiles at you and your parents and starts a different topic altogether. You are awkward, your parents are awkward and you don’t feel any appreciation in the air.

On the other hand, if one of the guests was a former chess player or say a chess enthusiast, he or she would be impressed to see the trophy, appreciate you, and also give you some constructive advice or tips to pursue chess as a career.

The difference between these two scenarios is the AUDIENCE. It is very important that we choose the right audience to share our life stories, and achievements who appreciate it and help us grow.

Thus, the bottom line it is time to choose such a social media platform to post your children’s achievements where it will be valued, rightfully appreciated, and help your kid to polish that particular talent.

Now is the time to bring about that wave of change in the world of social media as we present to you,


We give you a chance to showcase your kid’s talent before the rightful audience and share your proud moments with the world. Zedua is a comprehensive social media platform that brings together the three pillars of education – parents, teachers and schools under one roof. This platform designed exclusively for the education sector has an answer to your every scholastic query.

And this year we thought of doing something new. We want your kids to know how proud you are of them by sharing their achievements with the scholastic world. Share your kid’s achievements on Zedua and let your child get a pat on their back from the people who value the talent.

So, what are you waiting for?

Follow these 3 simple steps to upload your child’s achievements on Zedua:

  1. Visit www.zedua.com
  2. Register to Zedua.
  3. Upload your kid’s photo along with the certificates, award or trophies, etc.
  4. Choose the relevant talent category and tag your kid’s school.

And Voila!

Your kid becomes ZEDUA’S STAR KID.

zedua's star kids

Also, you can become a part of Zedua’s biggest parent community where you can talk to parents on-board on various topics related to education and kids. Furthermore, you can also search for the best schools for your child based on the admission criteria, city, state, fees, board, etc. along with their reviews and ratings.

There’s more!

You can check out the various parent resources we have in store from parenting tips, learning activities, blogs on child psychology, kids’ workshops and fun activities, kid’s recipes, etc.

Zedua is surely your one-stop destination for your child.

C’mon register today! Visit Zedua


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