Millennial Psychology And General Thinking

“What this young generation needs to learn is patience. Somethings that really really matter, like love or job fulfilment or joy, all of these take time.” These words were said by none other than the leadership and coaching guru, Simon Sinek.

Often, we tend to compare the thinking of people who were brought up before the late 80’s and those born after. It goes without a doubt to say that when it comes to thinking and mindsets, there is a quite notable difference. Specifically, when it comes to our students of the present day, we observe a dynamic shift in the thought and behavioural pattern of youngsters. Many teachers and parents have tried analysis and understanding the Millennial Psychology And General Thinking and many conclusions have been drawn.

So what is it that we need to understand better when it comes to Millennial Psychology And General Thinking?

Firstly examining the strengths and weaknesses of the general mindset of millennials. We have to understand how and where they are different from the other generations and how we can bridge the gap between connecting and sharing rather than just highlighting the distinctions.


Millennials, in short, are the young, fiery, tech-savvy and the highly goal-oriented aspirer you meet for a brief moment in the bus and think “wow! Kids today have changed so much”. The Millennial generation is all about being social media savvy, have an app for almost every daily task, highly sociable and expressive over the internet and rich in latest updates about anything trending and popular. Sound like someone you know? A student perhaps?

They are extremely creative in bringing up and expressing new ideas and are the first ones to call for a change or revolution around any place they are in, be it a workplace or academics or even their own home. They’re the generation that believes in innovation and breaking stereotypes and archaic beliefs. They’re flexible and quite focused.


One might be wondering what could possibly be the flip-side to such a personality but there always is one, to everyone for that matter.

Millennials are also one of the most depressed generations due to more of virtual socialization than actual relationship building. They are one of the most vulnerable people to pressure, failure and handling life’s adversities. They tend to be more result oriented than learning oriented. This approach can result in disappointment, stress and anxiety if what they expected doesn’t happen to come to them at first attempt. This is especially the generation that lacks the understanding of perseverance and consistency. It is understandable as most of the individuals belonging to this generation are used to instant satisfaction when it comes to the small, everyday things of life due to technology but the lesson that needs to be understood is that it isn’t so in the real world outside. Good things take time, sometimes a pretty great deal of time.

How to Raise Millennial Kids:

‘You aren’t going to get that promotion that easy! You aren’t going to be 21 and have your own car that fast! You aren’t going to “make a difference” in a matter of a few months! You aren’t going to be told that you’re special! you have to prove that. You aren’t going to find the perfect friends over the net if you don’t make an attempt to build meaningful relationships without social media as well.’- These are some hard yet unchangeable truths that need to be imbibed while raising millennial kids to bring out the best in them.

Everyone has their own faults but with millennials being the youngest in town, they need a greater deal of careful shaping. A close brush with reality and of course an extra dose of love would do no harm.

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