Top 5 Misconceptions about Boarding School

Boarding schools, which are also known as residential schools are special kinds of educational institutions where children reside within the school premises and receive a quality education. Enrolling your loved ones in the boarding school is certainly not an easy decision to make for parents. But boarding schools have their own set of advantages that help students to build valorization and recognize their self-worth. Besides, studying in a boarding school helps children learn various household chores that trigger self-sufficiency.

Generally, there are two types of boarding schools i.e, therapeutic and college preparatory schools. The mission of therapeutic residential schools is to nurture students with emotional and behavioral issues. Whereas, the college preparatory boarding schools prepare students for academic college life.

But some people think boarding schools are meant for those kids who have been forcibly ejected from their families, which is not true. There are many myths, such as these schools are very rigid, and only for troubled children, etc.

In this article, we will throw light on misconceptions about boarding school and the real facts behind them.

1. Boarding schools students don’t have any fun

There is a myth that boarding school students never have any fun, as they are held at higher academic standards. But this is not true, these schools provide many opportunities like sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities to de-stress the students.

As per Boarding School Review, “ if you talk to boarding school students or alumni today, most will tell you the same thing – it’s an environment that’s conducive to making incredible friends and having fun in the process.”

2. You need to be very wealthy to go to Boarding school

Gone are the days when one needed to be super-rich to get admission to the residential schools. Nowadays, you don’t need to be very wealthy to send your loved ones to the boarding school. Almost all boarding schools offer financial aid packages, but before providing any financial aid to students, the schools’ authorities verify whether a family is eligible for it or not.

3. Boarding schools are for kids whose parents are divorced

This is wrong, all the well-educated parents who know clear information about boarding schools prefer to send their off springs to day boarding to make them independent and to ensure that they get a good standard of education. Informed parents are looking for a school that can expose children to many activities such as social service, art, drama, carpentry, etc., which can be best learned in boarding schools. College-preparatory boarding schools are often ideal choices for students who are already doing generally well at school and home but would simply like to find new challenges.

4. Diversity is rare in Boarding School

You might have heard that boarding schools are entirely too exclusive, that the students who studied there lack diversity. However, in reality, the culture of boarding schools are much more diverse than normal public schools, because they attract students from all over the globe. And this gives your child a chance to interact with students of different backgrounds and cultures. This directly impacts their performance and enables them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

5. Boarding schools teachers are rigid and unfriendly

There is a myth about teachers of boarding schools that they are very strict and unfriendly. But if you will ask the boarding school students: they always tell you that their teachers are highly supportive and encourage their high expectations. Most residential school teachers live on campus and often have an individual conversation with their students.

The Bottom Line

Boarding school education is not limited to the classroom, it is a 24×7 immersive vibrant educational institution. You will find great teachers who are experts in their subject, and they also teach students how to perform daily chores. Residential school students can better concentrate on their subject, as they have limited access to TV, mobile phones, and other digital media.

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