Why I will not homeschool my child 

With little or no knowledge about the benefits of Pre-school education, at times parents come to a disastrous conclusion to skip Pre-school. Some even fall prey to the misguidance of influencers who preach against Pre-school education.

I often wish to ask these preachers if they have any idea about Multiple Intelligences in children, do they know anything about pre-writing, pre-math or language skills or at least a thing or two about Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget, or Mariam Montessori. If the answer to these questions is No, then considering their advice is equal to consulting a Plumber for Kidney Ailments. Pre-school education is the most important first step a child takes in his or her journey up the ladder of education. When these steps are laid on strong foundations the future sure is bright.

When it comes to homeschooling, I came across many groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.. formed by a cluster of like-headed parents to support each other in homeschooling. At a certain point, I even thought of giving it a go. But wait! Although I am academically trained and qualified to teach I did not want to home school, my child. A school according to me is a place that imparts knowledge, equips kids with practical learning, explorative thinking, and hands-on experiences, and when my child gets back home she’s completed her part of academic learning for the day, she can do her homework all by herself without help.

With that being said, please allow me to share three reasons why I will not homeschool my kid.

  1. I want her to learn from people other than her parents
  2. I want her to join a bigger social circle and share learning experiences and last but not least
  3. I wish to be the fun Mom, a mother who gets to spend time playing, camping, chit-chatting, teaching about life experiences without having to worry about anything about learning/tutoring. I can impart an extension of my child’s learning at school through these experiences as well.

Let’s put an end to myths against Pre-school education, let’s remember these are the years when kids are hungry – once the hunger is gone we can’t feed them anymore. Make active use of these potential years before it’s too late.  Leave the schooling to us at Lexicon kids and be the fun mom or cool dad that you are with your kids. Enjoy this beautiful Journey called life with your precious ones!

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