Health and Safety Tips for Child Care During Summer

Summer has announced itself with soaring temperatures and sweltering heat. But a demanding metropolis-lifestyle leaves no room for using this as an excuse. To get on with work, it is necessary to follow a healthy routine and make lifestyle changes. Moreover, with age-related physical limitations, unsafe outdoor temperatures for children make them susceptible to health problems.

Therefore, child care during summer break assumes significant importance. On certain days of hot summers, it’s impossible to step foot outside one’s school, home or workplace. However, for children, it’s summer, which means holidays, which means time for outdoor sports. Cricket to football, tennis, volleyball and local sports, children jump with joy as holidays approach and exams make way for sports.

Here’s how these summer safety tips help you keep the ill-effects of extreme heat at bay and allow children to enjoy their holiday time.


Keep them hydrated

The most important habit you should help your child cultivate is that of drinking water. It is necessary for them to stay hydrated by drinking water, even if they aren’t thirsty. In addition to that, drinking plenty of fluids will act as a deterrent against fatigue. This helps them to sustain high levels of energy throughout the day.


Afternoons mean indoors

What is the most important part of child care during summer? The answer to this is: to manage afternoons well. Temperatures reach their peak post-noon and it is advisable for children not to venture outdoors for a good 4-5 hours from 11 am to 4 pm. This time can be used productively by playing indoor games like chess, carrom, snooker and others. In addition to that, an afternoon nap can rejuvenate children and enthuse them for a fun-filled evening.


Getting the summer-wear right

Compared to adults, children have a lower capacity for sweating. This makes it all the more important to get the clothing right. Light coloured and single-layered clothing, preferably full-sleeve shirts, allows them to get a healthy tan. This, alongside adequate use of sunscreen, prevents harmful effects and helps maintain skin health. Increasing the evaporation of sweat, such as clothing, most importantly, makes children feel comfortable in the attire.



Child care during summer requires attention, focus and planning, and most importantly a basic awareness of this process. This is our summer safety advice: follow these tips and gift your child a healthy, joyous and productive holidays. Consequently, a good summer allows children to look forward to school with enthusiasm, contentment and curiosity.


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