Top 10 Best International schools in Hyderabad

A good early education is important for little children not just because it is the foundation of their thriving educational career but also because it is the time when the brain development of every child is at its best. They have the best grasping power in their early years. Given the fact, whatever they learn at this age goes a long way with them. This is why you should always try to give the best education to your child at this age. In this regard, a school plays a very important role. Therefore, today we thought to introduce you to the 10 best International schools in Hyderabad that are doing their job efficiently.

Keystone International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Keystone International School has been nurturing little minds into multifaceted personalities for some time. They work with a mission to create a community of learners and help them grow their personalities in different ways. The mission of the school is to spark the curiosity of learning in kids so that they don’t take it as a burden but as an interest. For that, they regularly organize several cultural, traditional, and sports events and programs.

The school offers academic programs from nursery to class 8 level and it has a meticulously planned curriculum for each age of students so that they can learn in the most efficient and quickest way. If you talk about the infrastructure of this school, it features a spacious campus and all modern facilities are available in this including well-equipped labs, smart classrooms, and indoor as well as outdoor playgrounds.

 Santinos Global School

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Best International schools in Hyderabad

Santinos Global School began its journey in 2017, and just within 6 years, it has managed to bag the tag of being one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad. All thanks for the prolific success of the school goes to its uniquely planned curriculum and highly skilled teachers. This CBSE co-educational school works with a mission to be an institution of excellence where children do not only grow academically but also physically, socially, cognitively, as well as mentally.

To make learning interesting and smoother for little children, the school has already embraced modern technologies and digital tools that are today essential in today’s education system. In its far-reaching campus, kids can indulge in any type of physical activity from sports to dance. In addition, the school is equipped with other modern facilities as well.

Aga Khan Academy

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Aga Khan Academy is a worldwide educational institute that is shaping the future of little kids not just in India but in many other countries all around the world. The first Aga Khan Academy was opened in 2003 in Kenya and its second institute was founded in Hyderabad in 2011. Today, Aga Khan Academy runs around 18 schools in 14 countries with a huge student strength of more than 15000. In addition, it also has thousands of well-trained teachers.

This IB co-educational school is home to students from nursery to class 12th level. The mode of teaching is English and the format of the school is day as well as boarding format. Since it is such a popular International school, you will definitely not be disappointed with its infrastructure and facilities. From a wide-spreading campus to advance technology, you can find everything in this school.

 International School of Hyderabad

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Best International schools in Hyderabad

International School of Hyderabad is one of the oldest and best International schools in Hyderabad at the moment. Since its establishment in 1981, the school has been working tirelessly to nurture the little souls of the country into blossoming leaders. Today, the students from nursery to 12th level call this their educational home and the average number of students in every class is 15 so that teachers can devote enough time to every child.

In addition, they have a tremendous student and teacher ratio of just 7:1. Not just that but it also features teachers from 10 + nationalities and students from 20 + nationalities. Featuring a sprawling campus of 10+ acres, the school never misses a chance to impress the parents with its stellar infrastructure, new-age technologies, and modern facilities.

 Sreenidhi International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Sreenidhi International School set its feet on the academic horizon in 2003 and it has worked tremendously in the last two decades to become one of the best International schools in Hyderabad today. They work with a mission to empower students in such a way that they can take ownership of their own learning and become responsible individuals in their lives. Students from nursery to senior secondary level study here and the ratio of students and teachers is jaw-dropping 7:1.

The technology-driven and child-centric environment of the school not only makes students feel at home but also makes sure they are getting aware of modern technology and tools. To your surprise, the school features an all-encompassing campus of more than 60 acres, which has everything that you can expect in a modern School.

 Indic International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Indic International School is today a favorite of hundreds of students because it offers them a home-like environment and an engaging learning experience through a perfect mix of curricular as well as extracurricular activities. The school has perfectly blended the traditional knowledge system with the latest teaching mythologies and this is what puts it apart from the crowd.

It offers a plethora of activities ranging from art to culture and tradition to sports to its students and helps them to learn beyond the books in a practical and fun way. In addition, it also makes its students competent enough to be successful in all spheres of life. It offers educational programs from nursery to class 7th. If you talk about the infrastructure and the facilities, it won’t let you down with its sublime infrastructure and well-equipped facilities.

 Glendale Academy

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Glendale Academy is one of those educational institutes in Hyderabad that has come a long way to become one of the best International schools in Hyderabad today. It has been nurturing and shaping the future of students from nursery to 10th grade for more than 20 years to enrich every child with knowledge, happiness, and all-around excellence.

The aim is to produce responsible young leaders, who are not just academically knowledgeable but also have good social, intellectual, and physical skills. The interesting thing is that their well-devised curriculum helps them achieve their aim flawlessly. In the spacious campus of more than 10 acres of Glendale Academy, children can expect a child-centric environment and all modern facilities like a library, labs, smart classrooms, playground, and art & music space.

 Chirec International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Chirec International School began its journey to educate little children and prepare them for the future almost three decades ago in 1989 and, today it is undoubtedly one of the best International schools in Hyderabad. This English medium co-educational school is home to students from KG to 12th grade and is affiliated not just with IB but also with CBSE and CAIE.

Despite being an old school, it stands abreast of modern technology and this is the reason that it has managed to flourish leaving all modern schools behind in today’s digital world. Unlike many schools, it features 3 sprawling campuses and they all are equipped with essential facilities like playgrounds, libraries, labs for different purposes, washrooms, classrooms, art space, and such.

 Oakridge International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Oakridge International School was founded in 2001 with the purpose to create a warm and child-oriented environment for little children where they can gain education and grow their personality in every possible way. Other than IB, the school also offers syllabi in CBSE and IBDP. The classes range from pre-primary to 12th and the mode of teaching is English. Having more than 150 + teachers, the school makes sure every child is getting possibly the best education.

To add further, the school also has a meticulously planned curriculum with a matchless blend of curricular as well as extracurricular activities for each class of students that help them inculcate basic life skills. The 10.5-acre campus of the school is also outstanding and features all the facilities and amenities including a playground, library, labs, medical room, and Wi-Fi-enabled classrooms.

 Birla Open Minds International School

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Best international schools in Hyderabad

Birla Open Minds International School is definitely one of the best International schools in Hyderabad today. Since its establishment in 2013, the school has managed to become a sensation in just a decade. It works with the purpose to nurture the little minds and make them the creative thinkers and the leaders of tomorrow. Their well-devised curriculum aligns perfectly with new-age technologies and teaching mythologies.

The school is affiliated with CBSE and CAIE and offers education from LKG to class 12th. The average strength in every class is around 25 so that teachers can give attention to each and every child. Above everything, the school features a wide-spreading campus of around 10 acres, where you can expect every modern facility and digital technology. The number of teachers in this school would be more than 100.

FAQs on International Schools in Hyderabad

What are the advantages of enrolling my child in an International School in Hyderabad?

International Schools in Hyderabad emphasize holistic development, offering a well-rounded education, global exposure, and a focus on critical thinking, preparing students for a competitive world.

Are International Schools in Hyderabad expensive?

Generally, yes, as they offer premium facilities, international curriculum, and diverse programs. However, some schools may have scholarship programs or flexible fee structures to accommodate different financial backgrounds.

What are the admission criteria for international schools in Hyderabad?

Admission criteria typically include academic records, entrance exams, interviews, and sometimes a demonstration of extracurricular interests or talents. Each school may have its specific criteria and processes.

Do international schools in Hyderabad follow a specific calendar year or schedule?

Many international schools in Hyderabad might follow an academic calendar different from local schools, often aligned with international education standards. However, it’s essential to check each school’s specific academic schedule.

What kind of accreditation do international schools in Hyderabad hold?

International schools in Hyderabad might hold accreditation from global educational bodies like CIS (Council of International Schools), NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), or other recognized accreditation bodies ensuring educational quality standards.

Do international schools in Hyderabad offer scholarships or financial aid?

Some international schools might offer scholarships or financial aid based on merit, talent, or need. It’s advisable to inquire directly with the school about available financial assistance programs.

What are the class sizes typically like in international schools in Hyderabad?

Class sizes in international schools tend to be smaller compared to conventional schools, allowing for more personalized attention, better student-teacher interaction, and tailored learning experiences.

Do international schools in Hyderabad have partnerships with universities or organizations for student advancement?

In order to give students access to internships, projects, and mentorship programs, numerous international schools form alliances with colleges, companies, and other organizations.

What role do technology and innovation play in the teaching methodologies of international schools in Hyderabad?

Through the use of tools, labs, and cutting-edge teaching strategies, these schools integrate technology and innovation into their teaching methodologies, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and preparing students for a tech-driven future.


Education is the right of every child. So, pick one of these best International schools in Hyderabad and make your little bundle of joy a leader of tomorrow.

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