How Can Zedua Help Your School? Read to Know!

Internet has sprinkled its magic everywhere around the globe. From getting your groceries delivered right up to your doorstep to hiring cleaning services, everything has become online. One-click and you are all set. Gone are the days when we used to wait and wait on the roadside for one auto to stop by when these days, a simple app on the phone tells us fare and the estimated time of arrival beforehand. Internet has spread its wings everywhere and our day to day life has become dependent on it. I mean in a good way. 

Along with all the other things, marketing and brand have not left behind in changing their course with respect to the rise of the internet. Marketing has advertisement now taken a new avatar that stays in line with the trends and hashtags and if you want to succeed, you have to jump the wagon. 

Every brand is trying to make its place in the digital market where pay per clicks campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, etc. have gained tremendous importance. The world is getting closer because of the social network and consequently, life has become fast-paced. So if you want to make your brand visible, the internet wants you to think fast, be creative and most importantly stand-out from the rest. 

Now, when every brand is making use of online marketing, then why should the education sector stay behind? It is time that schools use new-age marketing tools to reach their target audience in a more easy and organized way. Earlier, word of mouth was one of the most common marketing tools. One school used to travel from one aunty to another and the chain used to continue until all the children of one locality studied in one school. But now the situation has changed. Today, there is so much competition in the market with every school giving a tough race. The competition is cut-throat for sure. Various schools offer different types of facilities and quality education. Then how will your school stand out? 

On the other hand, considering another scenario, the schools which are at the forefront and already in the league of leading schools manage to survive the competition since their brand has already been flourished and sought after. Then, how will new schools market their brand digitally? How will your school reach the target audience – the parents?

This is where ZEDUA steps in. 

Zedua offers a comprehensive social media platform for schools to leverage their brand value by connecting with parents and teachers online. Schools can register and post their activities, events, facilities, USPs and increase brand visibility many folds. It works just like Facebook wherein as a school you can post videos, images, and more about the school on the timeline which will be shared with users who follow your school. Using Zedua, schools can reach their target audience – the parents, in the most organized and easy way.  Zedua brings the three pillars of education namely the parents, teachers, and school under one roof.

The vision of Zedua doesn’t limit itself to being the new-age social media network for education, it has its wings spread even further to help schools recruit the finest teaching talent from the lot. Yes, once your school is registered with us, you can access Zedua’s Job Portal designed exclusively for schools and teachers. Around 2 lakh teachers have trusted Zedua to help them find their dream school to work with. 


To summarise, Zedua can help a school in the following ways,

  1. Schools can leverage their market value by posting their events, facilities and their USPs across Zedua’s social network which would be seen by parents nationwide. 
  2. Schools can increase their brand visibility manifolds by using the benefits of connectivity and coverage Zedua offers. 
  3. Schools can connect directly with parents and teachers online. This will certainly reduce the communication gap that has been existing for a long time in the education sector.  


How to use Zedua?school

Zedua is a user-friendly platform that can be accessed using the following 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit School Zone on Zedua.
  2. Get registered on Zedua using your school’s email address.
  3. Get access to the admin dashboard and a separate web-page. 
  4. Start posting your events, USPs and connect with parents and teachers nationwide. 

Voila and Zedua welcomes you to the new-age scholastic world!

Thus, using Zedua is simple and the benefits are many. Get registered on Zedua today and reach the new heights of marketing. To know more about our brand and other details, please visit or you can search us on social media platforms. See you!

Also, if you want to get in contact with us regarding any query or just to say hello, please email us at [email protected], team Zedua will be happy to assist you. 


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