How to Make Kids Love Doing Home Chores

Have you turned into a nagging parent while making your children do chores at home? Get your sanity back by changing the way they look at doing daily home chores for kids. Make doing chores at home fun and exciting. Here are 4 creative ways to get kids excited about home chores activities.


From an early age, kids should be taught to have a sense of responsibility and self-management skills. it is your responsibility to make them learn life’s important lessons. But, Kids just want to have fun. Doing home chores can turn into a daily struggle as most of the times, kids will pick having fun over boring life lessons.


So, how do you make boring daily home chores for kids interesting and fun?


Kids love to have the freedom to choose what they would like to do. You can assign them one chore they must do, while the rest they can pick up on their own.

Here are the ways to get home chores for kids exciting

1.Chore Jar

Chore jar - Chores for kids

Write down all the daily home chores you want your kid(s) to do either on a paper or on an ice-cream stick. Put it in the jar. Everyone keeps picking up a chore until the jar is empty. This way responsibilities get distributed equally.

2.Job Listing 

Chore for kids - Job listing

Create various job positions, such as room manager, kitchen supervisor or mommy’s assistant. Detail the job and the chores they have to do if they get the position. Each position can have more than one chore. Write it down on a post-it and paste it on a chart paper. Let your child apply for the job he really wants.

3.Chore Calendar

Chores for kids - Chore calendar

You can also have a chore calendar where you divide the chores for kids into daily, weekly and monthly chores. This calendar will help them see the unfinished task. You can plan to clean for the holiday season well in advance.

4.Wheel of Fortune


Chores for kids - Wheel of fortune

You can create a wheel of fortune with your child(ren) names on the outer circle and chores on the inner circle. Let your child turn the wheel. This will get them wishing for their favourite chore around the house.


Active involvement of children in doing chores around the house will shape an independent and confident child. Keep mundane activities like daily home chores fun and exciting so that your child is always motivated to help around.


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