School is like a second home for kids, we spend six to eight hours in our school studying, laughing, and playing. It shapes our minds into the person we are today.

The impact of school is vast and plays a crucial role in a child’s mental and physical intellectual well-being. Mentally it changes our ways, for example, being a leader of a group helps us learn about responsibility, working on a project teaches us hard work and more. Physically, we wake up early and change our schedule to be more productive.

Not only is a school told to be great because of its teaching but the school infrastructure says a lot too. A good school follows certain rules to make their school a safe place and more exciting for children. There are specific rules for teaching and other rules to keep the place clean.

Researchers and psychologists have conducted studies to find out the direct and indirect relationship between students’ performance and environmental factors. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Physical conditions have a positive and negative impact on happiness and a sense of personal belonging.
  • Schools with good infrastructure not only increase academic performance but discipline and attendance of students.
  • Noise and temperature levels are termed detrimental factors in learning.

A study from the U.K. also tells us that elements of a school infrastructure together explained 16 per cent of the variation in primary students’ academic progress. This research shows that the architecture of an education infrastructure impacts learning through three interdependent factors:

  • Naturalness (e.g., light, air quality)
  • Stimulation (e.g. complexity, colour)
  • Individualization (e.g., uniqueness of the learning space)

Schools should be free from sources of several types of pollution – both sound and air. Sound pollution has the potential to distract students while air pollution is detrimental to a child’s health and well-being. These physical conditions can easily
leave a negative impact on the student’s all-around development. There are more things about the school infrastructure that impact a student’s learning, such as:

  • If the bathrooms of a school are unhygienic it may cause a child certain health problems.
  • If there are no fans or an air conditioner in a classroom, not only do the students but the teachers suffer too from excessive sweating.
  • Having bad infrastructure could be a core reason for a child being constantly absent.

However, in most developing countries, policymakers in both the public and private sectors often overlook the impact school infrastructure can play in improving results for both teachers and pupils. India is a country with many schools offering educational services for the students to learn and grow. However, there are only a few good ones that focus on the holistic
development of children.

Briefly stating the architecture and physical layout of a school should pay special attention to the mental and physical well-being of the students. Buildings, classrooms, labs, and equipment are essential components of the learning environment in schools and colleges. Top-quality infrastructure smoothens instruction, increases student output, and reduces dropout statistics, among other

After all only reading and writing do not help you learn much, physical activities make it more interesting and fun.

From reading the above passage it is clear how important it is to have a good school infrastructure.

Ishaanya Tewari Bhargava
Student Editorial


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    Everyone after reading this blog would know the importance of good infrastructure on learning. Parents should also consider infrastructure as a important factor in school. Cherubs Montessori also has a good infrastructure for their children.

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