Education System In India, Cause For Unemployment?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many unemployed in India?, It all comes to one question, What are schools in India like?. The Education System In India is wonderful but they fail to guide the students in a proper path. The problem lies both in parents as well as in our Education System In India. Here we have highlighted few major problems in our way of educating in India.

  • Let Them Choose

My friend hated going to school, instead, she preferred making clothes for her doll. Post her schooling, her parents had forced her into an engineering course. After much heartbreak and arguments, she finally trained to be a fashion designer and is now doing very well in her chosen vocation.

Each of us has an aptitude and certain interests, skills, talents and capabilities that we, ideally, should take into account while choosing our vocation. But, the Indian education system believes in the one-size-fits-all philosophy. Presently the youth of India are facing unemployment because of this.

In India youth from their school days are not encouraged to explore different vocations.The choice of vocations are not based on their aptitude or interest instead lucrative jobs are preferred, these are based on societal approvals rather than individual talent.

  • Bring a change to Indian Education System

The Indian education system lays a strong foundation for mathematics, the sciences and the social sciences. But, fails to make provisions for individuals who may not have the interest or the aptitude for these subjects. When I was in college, becoming a doctor or an engineer were the only two acceptable professions to pursue. Thanks to IT boom, the list now includes software engineers.

In India, a boom in certain industries skews the choice of professions as they are seen to be more lucrative and results in individuals blindly pursuing these professions. The individuals who do have the aptitude and interest for these professions thrive, while the ones who do not, struggle, and could end up unemployable and frustrated.

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Also, since most people aim for jobs only in these industries, it leads to a shortage of such jobs. The Indian education system needs to become more flexible to be able to train individuals with varied interests and aptitudes. The focus should not be on only certain areas of learning. This will lead to youth having skills for all kinds of jobs on offer thus reducing unemployment and frustration.

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  • With an exception of few schools

Today, the Education System In India is yet to make any substantial changes in this direction. With exception to few schools who are already exploring ways to bring about a change in the system. They are thinking of ways in which the education can offer a dynamic solution. Individuals with varied interests and aptitude can get trained on a variety of fields and jobs through this dynamic approach.

Alternate school are the best example of this dynamic solution. While teaching mathematics, science and social sciences, they also expose children to various languages, arts and a whole plethora of extra-curricular activities. This kind of exposure helps children to get a clear understanding of which fields interest them and they have an aptitude for. This helps them choose better vocation inlined with their passion.

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The Education System In India has a long way to go in making provision for encouraging individuals towards a variety of professions. However, current changes, though very slight, do hold some promise of a more accommodating education system in the future.

Let’s bring about a change that leads to less unemployment among the youth.


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