8 Types of Co-curricular Activities In School You Can Choose

The different types of co-curricular activities in school are chosen to develop an overall personality of a student. Selection of the right kind of extracurricular activities at school can polish your child’s skills and keep him engaged.

Co-curricular activities help a student concentrate more in the classroom and teach them valuable life lessons. The importance of extracurricular activities at school has been proven by many types of research.

Children should engage in at least two co-curricular activities to utilize their energy completely and explore their talents. You should create a right mix of co-curricular activities that will stimulate a child’s mind and body both.

Different Types of Co-curricular Activities in School

1. Academic Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Book clubs
  • School magazine editor
  • Poetry recitation
  • Story-writing
  • Debates
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Preparing charts


co-curricular activities


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2. Leisure Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Model making
  • Coin collection
  • Stamp collection
  • Train enthusiast
  • Museum
  • Monument excursion
  • Gardening


3. Social development Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Scouting and guiding
  • School council activities


4. Picnics and excursions Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Hiking
  • Special visits
  • Trekking
  • Visiting places of historical and geographical importance


5. Physical Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Mass drill
  • Mass P.T
  • N.C.C


6. Cultural Development Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Folk dance
  • Folk songs
  • Fancy-dress competitions


7. Civic Values Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Organizing camps, such as first aid camp, cleanliness week.
  • A celebration of the special day


8. Arts and Craft Related Co-curricular Activities

  • Album making
  • Doll making
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Flower decoration
  • Clay modelling
  • Collage making
  • Basket making
  • Knitting

How do you select co-curricular activities for your child?

Selection of co-curricular activities should be done keeping in mind that it should not take away from the family time and the child should thoroughly enjoy going to the classes. It is important to take your child’s vote into consideration while selecting the activities. Create a list of co-curricular activities that your child might be good or interested in and then sit down for discussion.

Selection of co-curricular activities should be done during the selection of the schools, this is also one step in admission process.  Go through the complete School Admission Guide 2020.

Engaging in extracurricular activities in school is a great way to nurture your child’s hidden talents. It will also ensure that your child is utilizing the time effectively.

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