List Of Healthy And Nutritious Foods For Kids

Ask any parent how difficult it is, to get their kids to eat what is healthy, you would learn that it is a task worth mentioning. Children turn out to be picky eaters. There is always a natural preference they develop for the food they enjoy eating the most. However, the bitter fact that is to be accepted whatsoever is that what tastes good is not always healthy. Here are some List Of Healthy And Nutritious Foods For Kids.

List Of Healthy And Nutritious Foods For Kids:

To put down a list of healthy and nutritious foods for kids, it would be as follows:

* Flaxseed:

Zedua - Healthy Food flax seeds

This nutty plant food is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which is an essential ingredient when it comes to optimal brain development.

* Tofu:

Zedua - Healthy food

Tofu is a great source of protein, calcium, B vitamins and iron – the package of nutrients that kids need a lot of, for bone health and proper growth.

* Sweet Potato:

Zedua - Healthy food sweet potatoes

This is an inexpensive and one of the most nutritious vegetables around. Eyes are kept healthy with vitamin A that you get from sweet potatoes.

* Yogurt:

Zedua - Healthy food Yogurt

Getting plenty of Probiotics or in other words, good bacteria is a way to keep those little stomachs healthy and happy. Yoghurt is a great source for this. Looking for the words “live and active cultures” on the carton ensures that the yoghurt we are looking at has plentiful of the beneficial bacteria kids need to consume. Also, most yoghurts have more calcium than a glass of milk. 

* Hummus:

Zedua - Healthy Food

Fibre, complex carbs and protein in the garbanzo beans (that are in the recipe), combined with olive oil (good for the heart) makes hummus a perfect food. Complex carbs help fuel the body, protein and fibre helps the kid stay content until dinner.

* Salmon:

Zedua - Healthy food Salmon

Wild salmon is the best source of high-quality protein, which kids need for Omega-3 – essential for brain development, proper growth and a healthy heart.

* Avocado:

Zedua - Healthy Food Avocado

Image Credit: Ketogenic Supplements Reviews

Avocado is filled with “good fats” that kids need in their diet every day.

* Mango:

Zedua - Healthy Food Mango

A cup of juice of this fruit gives almost a whole day’s supply of Vitamin C which keeps immune system running strong and keeps gums and teeth healthy.

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