10 Stress Relief Activities for Kids during Exams

When I was a kid, I vividly remember the phone calls I used to get before exams (especially before the super important board exams) with relatives wishing me ‘All the Best.’ But then there was a follow-up question that I would fear coming up – “All ready for the big test, beta?” Aah, there came the panic.

The question was like a bomb. I used to then start questioning my efforts and get stressed out over many things. This is one of the reasons for instance, but my point is that kids face a lot of situations along with the pressure of studies like this during exam period.

So since the final examinations are around the corner, we have a few stress relief activities you can follow for your kids over the coming couple of months.

These activities will not only relax their mind but also help them spend time away from the screen and find more creative answers to – How to reduce exam fear?

Let’s begin:

1. Origami

kids origami


This is one of the best stress-busting activities kids can do during exams. Origami is known to improve the spatial and perception skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition to this, playing origami improves the attention span and acts as a meditative therapy, thus proving beneficial during exams. Also, the process of making something beautiful out of a piece of paper is a form of relaxation.

Download to play – Jack-o’-lantern paper 

                                    Slithering Dragon Craft 

2. Bake and De-stress

Baking can help relieve the exam tension in kids and also contribute to strengthening the bond between you and your kids. For instance, you can involve them in baking cupcakes as a reward for their study time. This way, you won’t have your kids craving for outside food and you always have the option of making it healthy. Kids will certainly enjoy decorating the pretty little treats.

Try easy kids recipes from zedua kids recipe section – simple and easy kids recipes.

3. Audio Stories

audio stories

After studying for long hours and continuously straining the eyes, listening to a story can help the kids relax. You can also put on a story while the kid is having a snack or playing any indoor game or activity in the background. This can also prevent kids from turning the TV on the moment they finish studying. Furthermore, audio stories or shows are known to reduce hyperactivity and improve the sleep pattern in kids.

4. Board Games

With the rise of video games and the development of various versions of it, board games are getting shadowed. You can play games such as snake and ladder, Ludo, etc. with your kids irrespective of their age. These simple games can prove to be good stress management games for students during the pre-exam period. Also, playing with your kids will improve your connection with them and also increase their self-confidence, ability to accept defeat and increase patience. This is one of the helpful tips to reduce exam stress.

Download some of the board games here click on the links below…

Pattern blocks

Color Puzzles

5. Let nature do its magic

stress relief activities

It is important that kids get fresh air during this time. If a kid is spending most of his or her time studying confined to the house, their productivity is going to reduce. This can lead to saturation of information inside the child’s brain and ultimately fatigue. Take a walk in the park or cycle around with your kid. Breathing in the fresh air and spending time amid nature can reduce a considerable amount of stress and anxiety related to exams.

6. Let them hit the playground

When playgrounds are empty, one of the reasons is definitely exams. You and kids can work on the timetable and reserve a slot for some physical activity. Playing outdoor games or exercise can reduce a significant amount of stress. It is all about keeping a good balance between work and play which makes no Jack or Jill dull, ever. 

Know Why Students Should Get the Best Sport Facilities?

7. Yoga and Meditation


yoga and meditation

The benefits of yoga and meditation are known for ages and now it has reached global corners. It is important that kids know yoga from an early age to reap its benefits for their entire life. Especially if kids practice yoga or meditate at least for 30 mins during the period of exams, this will help them focus on their study and increase their attention span. In addition to this, yoga is also proven extremely helpful in reducing anxiety and restlessness.

8. Visual Imaginary

Visual imaginary is also known as mental picture is one of the relaxation techniques where the brain relaxes by imagining the person’s favourite place or situation. You can try this activity with your kid after long hours of studying which can help them relax from the stress of continuous studying. 5 to 10 minutes of this activity can help them relieve their brain from any stress and calm down after a long tiring day. This is one of the useful stress relief activities for students which even teachers can try in the class. 


9. Dance off the stress

stress relief dance

If your kid is stressed, just put his or her favourite groove and hit the dance floor. If your kid loves dancing then this activity would relax them more than anything else. A bit of cha cha cha won’t harm in the middle of the continuous learning and books but will help your kid to shed the biggest burden of exam and results.

10. Gardening

Spending time with the plants is surely the best relaxing activity for those who love gardening. If you have a small garden at home and if your child is interested in this activity, then taking care of the plants will beyond doubt help your child relax and reduce the unwanted stress.

Tips to Gardening with children 

Thus, these are a few tips to reduce stress during exams for your kids. You can choose any of these activities according to your child’s personality and prevent the monster of exam fever. Some things are over-hyped in our society and exams, results and scorecards play an important part in putting unwanted pressure on the students. No wonder most of the houses around look stereo-typically dull when some child member of the family is in the 10th or the 12th standard.

Make use of such stress relief activities which will be entertaining, fun, relaxing and also brain boosting which to help them give their best in the exams without any anxiety or fear of failure.

Say no to exam stress and yes to happy learning!

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